A wonderful expedition with Subaru 360 A Ladybird's journey of Makoto Daiki 22 Charity festival mascot! big moment

Become a ladybird, charity festival mascot! !
~ At Ashiya Hall ~

Ladybird's sunny stage

When Masataka Daiki is usually asked to work, he sings and dances.

When I was asked to perform at the charity festival "Music Journey-Time Machine" sponsored by the NPO Ashiya World Peace Club, it was natural that "Please sing and dance on the stage".

On stage
Appearing in jazz, introducing yourself, introducing Ladybird, talking about the relationship with Kansai, and experiencing how interesting, how kind and how scary people are in Kansai [laughs] If you talk, it will be a big venue. And when explaining that the ladybird that I brought here today is a “ living time machine '', running for a long time and doing a journey to find wonderful things, it seems very interesting in the audience He listened. This time, I didn't sing or dance, but it was really exciting. Is it because it is quite rare for a woman from an opera to ride around an old car? And thank you to Ashiya for inviting me and giving you a powerful boost this time!

Of course you can sing and dance, but Otaka Makoto thought a bit.

聞 き I heard that the former Takara Jenne, singers, children's choir, musicals and dance circles will appear at the concert, and I wanted them to see what they can do only now.

Then how about "Perform with Lady Bird"?

It's really unreasonable to go on the stage together,

Talking about my favorite Kansai and cars,
And let's display Lady Bird at the venue and see it!

It was a good trip with non-billi driving while resting the car once an hour. Because you are really interested.

The venue is Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
I will drive from Yokohama.

Recently the engine is in good condition and most of all I like running with Lady Bird.

But a car display

It's a lot of trouble.

The venue is a civic center hall, a public place, so there are various restrictions.
When I proposed an "exhibition of cars", I said, "I've never done that kind of thing, so a little …"

But it is not Daikisei who gives up there.

"I, born in Yokohama, joined the Kansai Opera Company and brought up people from the Kansai region.

Fun, kind and bright, I love Kansai people!

The brightness of the people in Kansai makes Japan healthy!

That's the theme of this charity festival.

Ladybird is perfect for that theme! "

"I've never seen a car so cute!" I was happy to take the car off once an hour, and it was a good trip with no driving.

Although it is a bit brute force, if you emphasize this,

First, the director of World Peace Club said, "It's a symbol of the subtitle" Time Machine "of this show!"

I was nervous.

That's right, after all, a compact and cute car that was born after the war as a “private car for the common people” and became the world's most popular car.

Ladybird is just a living time machine.

★ Popular person ★
Guests coming to the concert, especially older men, are glued to Ladybird! Nostalgic, the first car I bought was this, do you still run? High speed is not good?だ It's beautiful, can I look at the engine? Where did you get on? Yokohama! ……

Empowered by these words, Makoto Daiki decided to write and submit a proposal.

I have worked and negotiated several times during the opera era, so the government office was “ no use of the law '', but for “ unprecedented things '', I explained exactly why I wanted to do it, I knew that there would be some things that would be understood if I prepared for it.

Ladybird's sunny stage
Venue of "Music Journey: Time Machine", Ashiya Luna Hall. It is a ladybird that was exhibited in the square in front of the entrance. The poles and chains have been rented by Makoto Daiki. Seats are purchased at home improvement stores. There were no notes on gasoline, but when I checked the essentials at a car event such as Pacifico Yokohama, it was "less than 5ℓ", so I did that here as well. We asked the editorial department of this magazine to display the page of Makoto Daiki's serialization and the data of the cover of Subaru 360 in a large panel and decorated it, I always took care of the explanation panel, so I decorated it with it. And the organizer who knew Daiki Makoto's passion also made a sign for “World Peace Club”! It was really good that I did my best and brought me here.

So, if you ask with enthusiasm this time, the people of the city hall will be interested, and you will be able to display Lady Bird on the square in front of the hall entrance that is not always open, just where customers are lined up is.

お 客 Well, nostalgic customers gather in the bright red car displayed at the entrance.

There was certainly no precedent, but there is always a "first".

Although I was confident that exhibiting the Lady Bird would make the customers really happy,

Still, I'm grateful to Ashiya City for listening to and understanding and approving Daiki Makoto's project.

And Lady Bird, who had been active as a cute mascot of a charity concert all day, said, "I'm grateful!"

Makoto Daiki OSK Japanese opera company, former star of the former male role.
The only opera star in Japan reading Noshiro. In the summer of 2010, the long-awaited Subaru 360 was obtained. I will travel around Japan with this car.

Published: Nostalgic Hero March 2015 Vol.167
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