A wonderful exploration at Subaru 360 A trip to Lady Bird by Makoto Daiki 19

This time devoted to maintenance and repair!
But I want to see anything about my beloved Ladybird.

… I also got a large homework.

Fuel tank. Fail sensor. Conductivity test for two wires. Two
The meter moves when the book is removed and connected directly.
That means
The problem is the sensor.
Remove the battery terminal and loosen the screw. .
Watch out for the explosion

When I was dating an old car,
There are some problems due to age. There were various kinds in Lady Bird.

However, Daiki Makoto, who loves old cars, has the chance to know more about the car without worrying about it!

Remove the interior parts … Remove the rear seat, backrest, rear board, and thermal insulation in order.
There is no problem in sitting comfort, but when you try this way
The season.
Did he keep laying on his hips? . . . . Feel grateful


. . . . .
I'm having fun with.

Recent concerns

"Fuel gauge malfunction"


Even if it is full, the scale is less than half or suddenly becomes zero.

Although I was careful,
Enko finally runs out of gas!の I was planning a long-distance coverage trip,
If that happens along the way, you won't be crazy.

So this time, I'll do the maintenance and repair carefully.

Investigation shows that there is quite a problem with the fuel gauge of Subaru 360. …

Fail sensor
In Chiba
Auto Garden found it

…. Probably "fuel sensor"
Is likely to be broken.

"A sensor that senses the amount of gasoline in the tank, a round metal part with a mechanism that floats like a tank in a flush toilet."

The meter will not work unless you find it is not broken and replace it.


し た It was hard.

It hasn't even appeared on an online auction. Not even in a parts store.
There is no information on the bulletin board where Subaru 360 enthusiasts gather. …

Looks good
The removed sensor is shiny
I do not know where it is broken compared to the sensor I got! Cause unknown


No, Makoto Daiki doesn't give up at all, if you look for it, it should be somewhere.

During your trip to Aizu, when the headlights broke, you might have found a used light at a local dismantling shop.

次第 Find a dealer dealing in used car parts online at random
Inquiry mail of "Are you in stock?" . . .

If you send it from one end, in the pile of "out of stock" replies,

! ! ! ! ! An email saying "There was one used"


返 信 If you reply immediately, this is a reader of Noshiro from the first issue,

He seems to read this series all the time.


"The price is only shipping fee,"
This is Buddha in hell.

Obtain the parts, and then attach them to the car. I really want to do it myself. I really want to do it.

Usually such a thing from the viewpoint of safety

It's up to the expert, but Takashi Makoto sees anything about her beloved Lady Bird,

I want to know.
Always take care
While having technical guidance from Kato Motors & Collection Representative Noboru Kato,

I did it myself!

First enter the narrow backseat space,

Separate the seat cushion,
Fuel sensor removal → test → installation → operation check → success!

Now, before the next Ladybird trip, I'm no more worried.

. .

Mr. Kato of Kato Motors
Thank you for your guidance
Fuel gauge is on track

After it ends,
At Kato Motors office,
Souvenirs are said to be the best in Japan

cream puff
[I didn't do that if I ate]. "

The electric system around gasoline [but not only there]Failure to work carefully after understanding the mechanism will result in an accident. Before dissolving or polishing unnecessarily
"We determine how far we can do with our own hands." Severe but important.

貴 Mr. Daitaka says, "I think it is difficult to maintain even if you like old cars …
I'm okay, let's do it together for those who are stepping on it. ''

I always say For that reason, let's open a science textbook and start studying a bit from the first step of electricity.

It was Daiki Makoto that I thought. She said she was not good at studying at school,
If you like it, forget to sleep and run.

Would you like to work as a car mechanic for your beloved Ladybird?

While thinking about such a thing,
It was Daiki Makoto who had fun preparing for the next trip.

Makoto Daiki OSK Japanese opera company, former star of the former male role. The only opera star in Japan reading Noshiro. In the summer of 2010, the long-awaited Subaru 360 was obtained. I will travel around Japan with this car.

Published: Nostalgic Hero September 2014, Vol.164 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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