A wonderful exploration with Subaru 360 A journey of Lady Bird of Makoto Daiki Old Nakasendo Kisoji 21 Part 2

There are mountains and valleys [literally], and the journey of the old Nakasendo was full of favorite places.

The last was the super-maniac Subaru Hall of Fame.

The old Nakasendo is a famous place
There are many,


It's so popular that you can't get an inn during the holiday season,

I was surprised to go. It's not like a tourist at all.

Historic buildings

It remains incredibly beautiful,
Properly "a town where people live".

Even if tourists rush,
A souvenir shop without a forest
Does not change.
I know what is most important, and connect it to the future,

The idea is thorough.

し な が ら While impressed with such a “sightseeing spot”,

Makoto Daiki also saw a lot more
On the old Nakasendo,
Although it is not said that it is a famous place,

● ^^ ●

Old nice things [but not noticed by people]There are many.


I want people to know that.

景色 View of the old road
If you're exploring the old way, it's better to ask the locals for directions than to the maps and tourist guides, and you can also discover unknown attractions. The Momoyama Power Station that I found running was a hydroelectric power station that has continued since the Taisho era. It is a cool building even from a distance. The scenery from the Kiso River where the flow was abundant was like a dream. The scenery of the side street is also "Tamaran!" You will definitely want to eat road grass. This time was just a festival, and there were many unexpected road closures, but that was also fun. It's fun to wait for the cat to slowly cross the road.

Old roads that sometimes disappear, become dead ends, become stone steps

In 360

As you travel,

Makoto Daiki soaked into the road

It makes you feel as if you are exposed to history and culture throughout your body. And horses have been around since long ago

Cars appeared,

Subaru 360 in the age of the new car Bali is running triumphantly …
The scenery


Looks like a running light.

Not inspiration,
On the stage
I've been working all the time
"Reading a script and imagining the world and feeling it" was like a daily routine,

Even if you look at the landscape of this Nakasendo,

I will.
I wonder if anyone who runs in an old car will understand this feeling

Makoto Daitaka

That said, how about?

Magome → Nakatsugawa
Depart from Tsumago, go through the Otsumagome village, and go to the end of this trip to Magome-juku. Magome has the atmosphere of "Harajuku in the post town world" and has the atmosphere of a major sightseeing spot. I am impressed. After passing the Magome, the old Nakasendo gradually becomes more like a residential area of ​​the town toward Nakatsugawa.
な く Instead of saving and decorating what you find like that,
I want to be able to actually live and stay. I hope you'll feel better from various places in Japan.

The bright red Subaru 360

The symbol or something like a mascot character.
That's where my thoughts fly.

か け て 2 nights from Shimosuwa to Nakatsugawa
Car journey to go,

Nowadays, it's a luxurious journey, but it's a broken old road,

Something that comes close to the antenna of Daiki Makoto
[Usually missed]Find it, turn it into a side street one by one, stop the car and break it into a yab, do not drink and eat such a thing for about half a day

When I did, 2 nights were not enough.

It is interesting to be on such a trip!

For about a week, I wanted to relax and run around as much as I like. Like that,

Someday, the most luxurious journey,

I want to do it.

旅 The destination of the trip on the old Nakasendo and Kisoji is
Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture. In this town famous for chestnuts,

Get information that there is a super-maniac Subaru dealer, this must go at all! When

Take an appointment to Nakatsu Subaru Sales Co., Ltd.
I've been visiting.

Tsuda Subaru's president, Mr. Shiroda, is different from "car enthusiasts" around the world. Subaru's famous cars including the Subaru 1000 [and of course, 360] are all in a shiny state, and there are a lot of loose parts on the wall [it is said that one Alcyone will be completed when assembled!], Renovating an old private house It was named "Bozouso" and displayed a sambar because it fits in here. It was a fanatical "Subaru Hall of Fame" that could not be written down. Well, the world of old car mania is deep! At the end of the trip, I had a "deep and fun" time like a bad push. Really, trip of the old Nakasendo, the best.

I love Subaru and want to tell many people about the goodness of Subaru.

President Toshihiro Shirota

Super high concentration Subaru Talk
A number of Maniac Subaru collections

Have you show me

The tiredness of my trip has completely blown away!

ら Have a little inspection of Ladybird's underbody

"It's in great shape."
And got the endorsement,
He also taught us the driving technique of the old car in an easy-to-understand manner,
Long haul return


It was good to run.

旅 It was a trip with too much content, but it will be a journey on the old Nakasendo again!

I swore.

直 前 Just before this trip, a debris flow disaster due to heavy rain occurred in Nagiso, just before Tsumago.
Although JR was suspended, Nakasendo was restored immediately,
If you contact the town office in advance

"I go out of town and stay in shops outside of restricted areas," he said.

People at the tourist information office departed on schedule, saying, "It's okay, please come by all means."
And just before the deadline for this manuscript, the eruption of Mt. Ontake near Kiso,

After all serious damage was done.

The Kiso River is also muddy with volcanic ash
President Shirota told me.


At such times, if there is something that can go and support you, Masataka Daiki thinks that we will go.

Near the inn! !

~ The ancient city will surely be interesting ……… the end of the second part ~

Makoto Daiki OSK Japanese opera company, former star of the former male role. The only opera star in Japan who was reading Noshiro. In the summer of 2010, the long-awaited Subaru 360 was obtained. I will travel around Japan with this car.

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