A wonderful exploration with Subaru 360 A journey of Makoto Daiki's Ladybird 23 ~ Yanaka in Taito-ku ~

—– Wonderful exploration-Makoto Daiki's Ladybird's Journey ——-

Makoto Daiki likes actor Kotaro Yoshida
[He was the one who played Kano Densuke, King of the Coal Mine in "Hanako and Anne"],

One night, on a TV show, he knew that his first starring drama would be aired, and saw "Tokyo Sentimental @ Love in Yanaka".
It was so nice

"Let's go next!"
I decided immediately.


Speaking of which, I thought it was already a popular spot,

Speaking of which, I've never been before.

It seems to be an old town, old things are left, and narrow streets are complicated. There is no reason I hate Daiki Makoto.

And that's exactly what Lady Bird is good at!

The road is wide. There are many slopes. There is a big tree. There are many shrines and temples. There are many shops with taste.
Old-fashioned public bath!
If you think, this is a gallery remodeled sento.

Old liquor store in the museum. A town where you can see the sunset from the slope. Stairs slope where you can see the sunset in the shopping district.
And the sign of "Fujimi Hotel" where the eyes of Daiki Makoto are nailed!
I went to the back of the alley to look for it. It looks like a share house for foreigners now. I don't want to live there, too.

~ A town where you can see the sunset from the slope very well ~

By the way, I always go to the place I want to go to in detail, but this time I went a little more casually,
It may have been rather interesting.


And around Nezu and Sendagi,

I felt that it was the best place to go without any trouble, and I went there without any problems and realized.

Yane Sennomachi

In a small town, run slowly with a car,

It's fun just to walk leisurely,
Fun without trying to find fun

Feeling jumping into my pocket.

食 A cafeteria where you don't know whether it ’s old or tasteful,


In the shopping district

Gallery in a stylish cafe

Yanaka specialty
★ Taiwan deliciousness ★ Yanaka was such a modern good town where people of all ages from all over the world come and go naturally.

There are many elderly and young people, and everyone is doing well.
It is well known that there are interesting places in the middle of Tokyo, so there are many tourists,
Mysteriously, there is a sense of secrecy.

There is a cat in Yanaka. … Yanaka Ginza street!

I want to explore.
In the downtown area of ​​Yokohama where I was playing when Makoto Daiki was small,
The back alley remains properly.
And when suddenly turning around,


There is a cat.

Yanaka was a cat town
I met many cats in various places.
The cat that comes when you call.
Cat running away. A cat hiding in the gap.

, …, Makoto Daiki, who is glad and is moving deeper into the alley.

Approaching eaves, open doors, galvanized walls
I noticed the laundry hanging on the apartment window and turned back,

"When I was a kid, I was playing around like this! The scenery from that time is still there!"

ば If you go from Yokohama, Yanaka is a long day trip, but here I stayed for a night. I'm glad I did

Take the inn in the neighborhood
To stay
With a little strange feeling
That is fun.
There are coin parking lots here and there,
In the time zone when you see the price and stop

"How to gain"

It is also interesting to calculate

There are quite a few places to stay.

Foreign tourists are OK,
There are several Wi-Fi-equipped Japanese-style inns in Yanaka alone,
The area around Ueno and Asakusa is much more

Room rates

There are a lot of reasonable places, so if you search for such places,

You can enjoy a variety of "one night stay in Yanaka, drive and walk around town" at a convenient price.

Agar? Ohkyochi? !
Yanaka's specialty, “Aegyochi”. An agar-like food made from a kind of mulberry in Taiwan. "Che-anmitsu" is eaten like anmitsu with black honey and anko. really delicious!た The location of the shop is also wonderful. In the evening, at the Motsuyaki restaurant in Uguisudani, a little far from Yanaka. "Gatsu sashimi" [three slices] that Daiki Makoto, who was not good at motu, could eat until now. Hoppy, skewers and pickles were also delicious. There are apple pie shops and handmade rice crackers from the Meiji era, where you can find a line of apple pie. Old shops have a traditional, crisp tone, and sometimes have a tough feeling. You may be surprised if you are not used to it, but everyone is kind.

If you are running on a narrow alley with Lady Bird,

Suddenly, on a strangely wide uninhabited road between temples,
I can't see any buildings around,
If you're just hoping for a big blue sky,
Oh, I was glad I got on a Subaru 360 car.

町 It was a town where old cars run well.

Yanaka, a modern town

The guy at the gas station in the middle of Yanaka,
に In Subaru 360

"This car must be filled with too much gasoline."
While saying

He refueled very carefully and then he wiped the car very carefully.

I also wanted to come to Yanaka without any purpose.
It's a town full of cats you want to eat and go to, and cats you want to meet again.

ー ー The cityscape depicted in the TV drama.
た ら When I was drawn in and went out, various people, things and cats were waiting.ー ー

Makoto Daiki OSK Japanese opera company, former star of the former male role.
The only opera star in Japan reading Noshiro.
In the summer of 2010, the long-awaited Subaru 360 was obtained. I will travel around Japan with this car.

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