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A wonderful sleeping comfort even outdoors. Sleeping bag x air mat that can be used during a night in the car or in the event of a disaster "Air Shraf"-Engadget Japan

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Great for camping, nights in the car, and during a disaster.

A new sleeping bag like never before.

Airshraf has an air mat at the bottom of the sleeping bag

A new sleeping bag like never before.

Since the comforter and air mat are connected with a fastener,

It can also be removed.

A separate sleeping bag that can be used in various situations.

FUTURE FOX employees are camping enthusiasts.

We are developing a product while camping.

Comfort and storage are the decisive factors behind the development of the Air Shraf.

I want to go camping with only the minimum necessary luggage.

Only a sleeping bag hurts my body. The bottom chills from the ground.

I also love camping

I couldn't sleep soundly until now.

So I came up with the Eyrslav.

If the mat and the futon come together, the luggage will be compact.

You can sleep soundly.

Air Sheraf is a new sleeping bag developed from my camping experience.

Now I am also using the Airshraf.

1. Air mat and sleeping bag are integrated

There are fasteners on both sides of the air mat

It is connected to the futon part.

If connected, it can be used as a sleeping bag, and if separated, it can be used as an air mat and comforter.

2. Open the valve to complete the bed

Air matAutomatic intakeFunction.

Just open the valve and wait for about 1 minute to use.

The thickness of the mat is 7 cm.

It does not depend on the environment of the site and does not cool down.

Because it is also elastic

There is no doubt that it will be effective when staying in a car or camping.

3. Relaxing space

<Easy to roll over>

*Model size
Height: 171 cm Weight: 85 kg Belly circumference: 113 cm

Because the futon is designed to be large

There is no cramp inside the air shell

You can turn over.

The model is our staff.

It’s a solid figure,

You can turn over without any problem.

Expanding the futon part of the interior spaceAmazing size!

You can sleep comfortably regardless of your body type.

4. With zipper, temperature can be adjusted

The suitable season for using Air Sheraf

April to Octoberis.

10°C or higherIt can be used at temperatures.

Because there are fasteners on both sides

As a sleeping bag or a comforterYou can use it.

<How to sleep with only your face>

<How to sleep to the chest>

<How to sleep with chest and legs>

<How to sleep as a comforter>

<How to sleep like a pillow>

Air Sheraf is your favorite way

You can decide how to sleep according to the temperature at that time.

<Temperature can be adjusted at your feet>

It can be served whenever your feet are hot.

An elastic band usually closes the comforter's feet.

So that you can easily adjust the temperature of your feet even in the dark

I used elastic cords instead of fasteners at my feet.

5. Easy to store

① Open the air mat valve

[2] Wind the air while pulling it out with your knees

③ Close the air mat valve

④ Fasten with the attached band

⑤ Put in storage bag

This is the end of cleaning up.

These series of flows take less than 2 minutes.

The size of the storage bag is quite large.

It occurs in normal sleeping bags and air mats

The storage bag is small, so it's a hassle to put it in a bag.

Air sheraf storageIsStress FreeImproved.

For air sheraf, air mats, comforters

It is possible to connect with multiple fasteners.

Not just solo camp

At night in the car or at family camp

We also recommend using it.

In the tent

On the cot

Under the army

Even during the night in the car

When visiting

Even at the company

In the event of a disaster

With Air Sheraf, you can sleep soundly anytime, anywhere.

1. Outstanding water repellency

The air mat has excellent water repellency, so even if you sweat, it will dry immediately.

2. Outstanding suction speed

Air enters at the same time with two valves, so

The bed is completed in no time.

It is complete if you leave it for about 1 minute.

If you think the matte is not strong

If you inject air from the valve part with your mouth

It is easy to get air in.

3. Adopt urethane foam

Urethane foam is used for excellent elasticity.

Because the air and urethane tension firmly support the body

The body peculiar to the outdoors may hurt

It became extremely low.

Without being affected by the site environment

You can get a comfortable sleep.

4. Non-slip processing

The mat lining has a non-slip finish.

Stable in a tent or in a car.

July 24, 2020: Project start

September 13, 2020: Project end

Early October 2020: Production completed

Late October 2020: Delivery to supporters

FUTURE FOX is an outdoor brand from Shinshu that started in April 2020.

All employees are camping and developing products.

We are developing camping equipment that is not on the market, and we are developing products everyday so that everyone who loves camping can use it.

Although it has no name recognition, we aim to develop an attractive product and make it a brand that many people can use.

FUTURE FOX official accountis.

If you are interested, please register.




Q: Is there a warranty period for Airshraf?

A: The warranty period for this product is one year.

Q: Are there any exclusion conditions for the warranty?

A: We do not accept any warranty for customer convenience.

Q: When will you ship the product?

A: This product will be shipped from the end of October 2020.

Q: Where can I handle product failures, etc.?

A: Please contact us using the contact information below.

Laso Blooming LLC

Phone number: 06-4708-3403

Email address:

Risk & Challenge

●During the development process, the design and specifications may be partially changed.

● Through this project, if more than the expected number of customers receive support, the manufacturing lead time may increase and the delivery time may be delayed.

●Delivery time may be delayed due to troubles during international shipping or customs clearance. If there are any changes to the contents of the project page as described above, we will share them in activity reports etc. as soon as possible.

● The images on the page were created using this product, but please note that there may be some differences in actual color.

Lastly, we will do our best to support all the people who picked up the "Air Shuraf," and we would like to support them with all our hearts. Thank you for your support.


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