A writer who says "there is no ideal e-book creation software" creates his own e-book creation software


A writer who says "there is no ideal e-book creation software" creates his own e-book creation software

"lightweight""typography"Excellent" "From the same text as the web versionEPUBThe author who was looking for an e-book creation software that satisfies the elements of "capable of generating a version at the same time" and can create data that "turns pages" and "selects/copies text"Robin sloanHe created the software himself because he couldn't find what was ideal. Created e-book creation software "Perfect EditionIs published as open source software on GitHub.

GitHub-robinsloan/perfect-edition: A lightweight, responsive web e-book template

Sloan on his websiteCreate a crowdfunding pageThen recruit a loan to create software. You can check the sample e-book data actually output in Perfect Edition from the following URL.

Annabel Scheme and the Adventure of the New Golden Gate

The sample is compatible with smartphones and PCs. For smartphones, swipe or tap the edge of the page, for laptops use the arrow keys, space bar, touch pad, and for desktop PCs use the arrow keys, space bar, and mouse scroll wheel to turn pages. This time I saw a sample from a PC.

As Mr. Sloan's ideal is, the text can be selected and copied by dragging.

Click the square icon at the bottom of the page to open the table of contents.

The table of contents is displayed in a dialog format.

You can adjust the font size in 5 steps by clicking "A" at the bottom of the table of contents. Select the largest size……

The font size has changed. The page break was done automatically according to the size.

It looks like this when the font size is minimized.

When you close and reopen the e-book, a bookmark will be displayed in the red frame part, and you can open it from the middle page.

At the time of writing the article, Mr. Sloan said of Perfect Edition, "We are still far from the full version, so we will continue to maintain it regularly."

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