AAA Mitsuhiro Hidaka Only on SNS … "Everyone should go to elections"

Mitsuhiro Hidaka [33], who is in charge of rap for the music group AAA [Triple A] and is a solo act under the name of “SKY-HI”, said “everyone should go to the election” in response to the internet situation that heightened interest in politics. I called again.

Hidaka updated Twitter on the 19th. Regarding the fact that the prosecution's opposition to the amendment to the law was raised on SNS, and the legislation was postponed at the Diet this time, "I think it's very good that people's eyes turned to politics, but in Japan so far I couldn't think of it. "

Continuing, he said, "But there were many cases where they were forced to vote" How are they going to be used 10 years from now? "" Isn't this way dangerous to decide? ", And" only SNS "has power. It's not healthy and has an immediate influence, so everyone should go to elections. "

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