Abandon your exhausted life! How to live with your "ability"?

The only way to balance happiness and income is to know your genius and live with it. The term "genius" here refers to individuality and talent, not to superman.

◆ How can I know my "genius"?
Humans feel great happiness when they are doing what they are good at, or doing work that can be done without difficulty every day or years. It is a so-called vocation.

And because you can get hooked, you can improve your skills, get value that is differentiated from others, and earn money.

The fields and areas vary from person to person, but to find genius, you need to analyze in detail what factors are involved in the job or work you are doing and have fun with. .

The point is that it is "finely", and many people only roughly understand their unsuitability. For example, "I like people and want to do sales and customer service work" is exactly that, and the analysis is too shallow.

◆ Dive into “likes” and “fun”
It is necessary to dig deeper into the mesh to find out more about what people like to say, "I like people" and what they are interested in, what kind of relationship they feel comfortable building with others.

For example, if you are "interested in the movements of people's emotions", you may be able to select not only sales and customer service, but also work as an FBI psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, and counselor.

In this way, if you can extract and identify many of your strengths with a fine cut, you will have more options for work and way of life.

When it comes to raising children, for example, just because kids love cooking and are working happily doesn't end with the simple story of letting them go to a cooking class or let a cook cook in the future.

Combining the elements of food, such as the ability to think about menus, the logical ability to think about the preparation of cooking, the ability to adjust the trajectory to adjust the imaged taste and the actual taste, the expressiveness to cleanly arrange the prepared dishes, and a combination of dishes Let's break it down into aesthetic senses.

And you could help them find out where these elements are in their genius and extend them.

◆ Reasons why many people cannot demonstrate their genius
However, looking at the many people who are exhausted at the company, it shows how difficult this digging is.

Then, while being escorted to the company according to the instructions of your boss, it will become dyed into the logic of the company.

“ If you have to do that, you have to do this too '', the thinking area in the brain is deprived, and when you are happy, what factors are involved in it, etc. You can't think.

After all, while busy in everyday life, it may be difficult to get out of the guts of workers and hired souls that have soaked into bones.

◆ Get out of the environment where you are and regain your time
So one suggestion. If you're having a hard time right now, quit the company and cover yourself with savings and unemployment benefits, and wander around alone without doing anything for about a year.

It is important to be this person, because hanging with others is not affected by the values ​​of others, and you cannot release your mind. The instilled spirit of the livestock eventually melts and flows, and mysteriously, it makes me want to work again and get involved in society.

This length varies from person to person, and may be longer or shorter than a year, but once you disconnect from society, you can escape the insult and feel like "more free and fine."

When such motivation increases, if you delve into the inside and analyze yourself, you will see something.

If you feel that the hurdle to quit the company is high, you will take a long vacation, but if you divide the rest of your life for happiness and treat it for happiness, you will have an error of one or two years Do you not think that?

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