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Abandoned racer at NASCAR eSports, fires sponsor-Engadget Japan

Despite the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), motorsports can no longer be held around the world, but many motorsport categories and real professional racers are now racing on eSports You. In particular, NASCAR in the United States has been very successful on television.

However, at the NASCAR eSports race on April 5th, the race was lost due to contact with other vehicles, and a rare event where an angry driver was fired by the sponsor occurred. A singer / movie producer who recovered with a new coronavirus with her husband Tom HanksRita Wilson's National SingingThe 150 lap race that started following the race was a full-course caution due to the confusion of many cars coming into play early in the race.

In rearrangement after rearranging the platoon behind the pace car, Clint Bowyer (car number 14) jumped up from the bottom before Baba Wallace (car number 43) who dropped greatly in the first confusion. ) Stands out in the composition.

On lap 11, the contact in question occurs. Wallace, who had already felt that the race had been ruined by the confusion just before, was blocked by the hands of the bower ahead and lightly touched, the bower's machine that disturbed his posture was likely to fall off the inside of the course once However, he returned to the course again, and as expected, he was able to hit Wallace's machine on the wall.

The cause of the accident was the contact between Wallace and Bowyer, but already dropped down at the first point, and Wallace, who was hit by a crash, became angry while being virtual, and was very angry, saying, “ I can not do this Yeah, I'm done! "And she really quit the race.

Wallace tried to joke about retired on Twitter after a while, but returned to that tweet from Blue Emu sponsoring Wallace's team “ I understand your attitude Bye-bye, Bubba: We assist the driver, but we are not interested in those who throw the race. " Blue Emu also responded to Trump with a GIF to President Trump, "You're fired!"

Ben E. Blessing, executive vice president of Blue Emu, has sponsored the team for the past five years and said he was looking forward to NASCAR's eSports to regain the sales lost in the new Corona disaster. However, at the beginning of the race, the driver abstained early in the game that he could not play the game, saying, “ We found that we were supporting a driver like a child who threw up and threw a controller. "

Later, Wallace's team confirmed that he would not charge Blue Emu for sponsorship in this race. But Blessing has revealed that he will sponsor another team in the next race.

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Despite eSports, a professional race conducted by NASCAR officials including TV broadcastsTherefore, the sponsor who colors the machine actually pays the sponsor fee. Wallace abandoned the race just to play (game), but he seemed to have to work as a professional until the end.

By the way, Blue Emu's Blessing commented on the newly sponsored player Landon Cassill: "Landon is a real professional. He carries our brand and trains six to eight hours a day. I will. " Wallace, on the other hand, also appeared in the next day's race with US Air Force coloring, an alternate sponsor for the team. He finished in fourth place, showing his professional strength.

If you are just practicing the game, the physical strength required for the actual race is likely to decrease, but as a sponsor, whether it is virtual or real, you want the players to be active in promoting their brand Must be. More than 1 million people watched this race,Views above previous recordIt has become.

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