"ABC Comedy GP" judge, Kamai Tachi Yamauchi and 7 others

ABC TV [Fukushima-ku, Osaka] announced 7 judges for the "41st ABC Comedy Grand Prix" to be held on the 5th and 12th. The final will be broadcast from 2:25 pm on the 12th [Kansai local]. At the same time this year, we will perform a national live distribution on ABEMA.

Judges are Speed ​​Wagon Kazutaka Ozawa [47] Untouchable Hidetsugu Shibata [44] Tomonori Jinnai [46] Yoki and Maneuvering Taiki Daiki [49] Kamimachi Kenji Yamauchi [39] Diane's Yusuke [43] High Heel Apple [58] ] 7 people. Yamauchi and Yusuke are the judges for the first time.

Guest Manzai will feature last year's M-1 champion Milk Boy and 18-year champion Marbling Akeboshi. An emperor who won the "40th ABC Comedy Grand Prix" last year will also appear. Meisei Marbling has also won the 38th competition.

The 12 divisions of the final division and the order of the stories were also announced. Block A is the public knowledge, Cherry Blossoms, mustard lotus, Oswald. B blocks are Versailles, wall posters, emperors, and when. C-block will show off the material in the order of Phtari Shizuka, Takioto, Biscuit Brothers, and Sayaka.

There will also be a winning prediction project where you can win gorgeous prizes. Predict the winner on the program homepage or the d button on the TV. You can apply from 5 pm on the 6th until the final three matches of the final day are decided. Applications will be accepted from the 6th on the program homepage and from the 7th on the d button.

The host is Ryota Yamazato [43], Nankai Candies. A collaboration project with Yamaguchi will be broadcasted on the 5th of the broadcast of “Ryota Yamazato's Rainy Day Berserker” [Sunday at 11:00 pm = Kansai local] where MC Yamazato serves as MC. You will be asked a quiz of Oki from past images, and the video 16 years ago when Yamazato participated will also be broadcast.

The contest involves young people with a 10-year career. In the past, it has produced downtown and nine nines.

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