ABC morning morning "Kirimanjaro climb challenge" special program

The special program of the 40th anniversary project “Kilimanjaro Ascension Challenge” of the Kansai morning special program ABC TV “Good morning Asahi” [Monday to Friday, 6:45 am = Kansai Local] will be broadcast on the 28th. Announcer Keisuke Iwamoto [43] Weather forecaster Akira Masaki [58] recorded on the 12th in Osaka city.

The program celebrates 40 years in April, and this year's theme is “Challenge”. This summer, Iwamoto Anna and Masaki, who are MCs, tried to climb Kilimanjaro, and Iwamoto Anna succeeded.

Iwamoto Ana looked back and said “The challenge” of the program theme was “Don't stop challenging. If you don't stop taking one step while helping someone, you will see the next”. Mr. Masaki said, “Challenge is one peak to go to the next. When it is achieved, the next peak will be visible.”

Departing on August 23, the summit broadcast from September 9 to 12 was 11.5% on the 9th, 11.3% on the 10th, 11.4% on the 11th, and 12 on the 12th.・ Recorded a high audience rating of 2% [according to video research].

Iwamoto Ana “I was really told,“ I want to see it all at once ”or“ I don't see it, there are some things ”during the four days of the broadcast. Mr. Masaki said, “When I asked Cappuccino for Starbucks I often visit, there was a sticker in the mug and a picture of the mountain and“ Kirimanjaro ”.

The special program will re-edit and broadcast the cut scenes. Alpinist Ken Noguchi [46] and daughter Eiko [15] Friday commentator Kimizo Inoue [62] of "Oha Morning" will also appear as special guests.

Noguchi-san said, “It's better to make it a series. There is a social meaning that the number of people climbing the mountain is increasing, and it conveys the severity.” The next project is “Himalayan is good. I will increase the rate. " Eiko also said, “It ’s okay. I ’ll always support you,” but Iwamoto Ana laughed and cheated.

On this day, this year's kanji "decree" was announced, but for Iwamoto Ana, this year's kanji is "new". “Oh, it ’s been about 5 years in the morning and I can open a new door like this. It ’s been a year of appreciation for the new stage waiting for me.”

Masaki chose “warm” and explained, “I remember the warmth and meals of people in Kilimanjaro.

Mr. Inoue said, “They came back and had a hard feeling, but they feel like they have been in eye contact from a long time ago.”

The special program will be broadcast for 90 minutes starting at 8 am on the 28th, titled “Good morning Asahi 40th Anniversary Special Program, Kilimanjaro Challenge, Uncut Special”. Iwamoto Ana said, “It ’s the best time to calm down on Saturday at the end of the year.”

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