Abe 123V also confused by "Uta" twice "Sister's name …"

A shock happening when the world champion Abe [23 = Nitai Univ.] In the men's 66kg class in 17 and 18 years beat Georgia in the final.

When the name of the winning player was announced at the ISS Dome at the venue, he was twice mistakenly called "Uta Abe". Some officials from the International Judo Federation [IJF] were skeptical of grudges. After the game, Abe also said, "The name of the younger sister … I understand once but twice. I thought everyone was laughing and why I made such a mistake. It seemed confused. The younger sister's poem [19 = Nitai University], who won the 52 kg class, also smiled bitterly saying, "I was surprised when my name was called."

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