Abe brothers, Takato and Tonaki all 4 players advance to the final

Poet Abe [19], who has won the world championship for the second time in a women's 52kg class, has decided to advance to the final. From the second round of the first match, we won all the games in four consecutive games, and the Tokyo Olympics team was rich regardless of the outcome of the final. Until the year before last year, a boy of 66km class, the largest brother in the world [both Nihon University], struggled with Bulgarian players in the semi-finals, but advanced to the finals by winning five games from the first round.

Naotohisa Takato, a 60-kilometer boy, and Tonanaki Funan, a 48-kilometer girl [both at Park 24], also advanced to the finals, and all four Japanese players who participated on that day confirmed the silver medal or higher.

This year's tournament is the 9th class for men and women, with the first-place representative. Depending on the results, it is expected that more than one Olympic team will be decided by the All-Japan Judo Federation Strengthening Committee held in Tokyo on the 27th.

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