Abe poetry could compete against No. 1 in the finals Judo GS

The Grand Slam [GS] Dusseldorf tournament, one of the judo's Tokyo Olympics selections, will begin here on 21st.

At the ISS Dome at the venue, a combination lottery was held on the 20th.

Attention, the 52-kilometre female queen of the world queen, Abe Poet [19 = Nitai University], will play against the world's top-ranked Bouchard [France], who lost the GS Osaka final in November last year. If you advance to the higher ranks, it is expected that you will be the Olympics representative on the 27th, but there is a strong desire to win the Olympic ticket by playing a humiliation with the other party. Women's national team coach Katsuyuki Masuchi [49] said, “This time Abe is preparing to be good at opponents. It's important to do that. "

For girls, the first place is played in 5 ranks. Like Abe, depending on the result, other athletes may be selected as Olympics representatives. Masashi said, "I think there will be pressure, but I will tell you how you can put out your own judo without being conscious of the job offer. I want you to have a good performance." I called.

The following players

▽ Men's 60 kg class Naotohisa Takato [Park 24]

▽ Men's 66kg class 一 123 Abe [Nitai Univ.]

▽ Men's 73kg class Shohei Ohno [Asahi Kasei]

<< Men's 81 kg class >> Takanori Nagase [Asahi Kasei]

▽ Men's 90 kg class Shoichiro Mukai [ALSOK]

▽ Women's 48 kg class Tonaki K minami [Park 24]

▽ Women's 52kg class 詩 Poet Abe [Nitai Univ.]

▽ Women's 63kg class Mirai Tashiro [Komatsu]

▽ Women's 70 kg class Chizuru Arai [Sumitomo Mitsui Marine]

▽ Women's 78 kg class 尚 Nasato Hamada [SDF]

▽ Women over 78kg Sara Asahina [Park 24]

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