ABEMA, system to deal with slander slander-displaying "attention" when posting comments

Female professional wrestler Hana Kimura [22 years old] who appeared in the popular reality show "Terrace House" broadcast on Netflix and terrestrial died on May 23. It is believed that he died himself. Kimura-san said that there were nearly 100 cases of slander in a day on SNS.

In response to this, while SNS companies and video service companies have announced their response to slander and slander, it is the TV & video entertainment service that reflected measures in the system in a short period of time.ABEMA[Abema]". AbemaTV, a cyber agent group, implemented a function to display "Points to note when posting comments" in ABEMA on June 23, before users post comments.

Show "Points to note when posting comments" before users post comments

Show "Points to note when posting comments" before users post comments

At ABEMA, one of our strengths is young people's love reality show programs, such as “I love you today.” “Wolves don't fool me.” It has been made. After Mr. Hana Kimura's incident, he explained that he is taking measures to protect the program performers from the slander of the Internet more than ever, such as by opening a "slander slander consultation window for program performers" on May 27. To do.

Also, it is said that measures have been taken in the system. Specifically, [1] 24-hour monitoring of comments by people and systems, [2] comment filtering and automatic hiding of NG words by the monitoring infrastructure system "Orion", [3] for users who found violations of rules For example, there are penalties for not being able to post comments for a certain period of time, and [4] BAN [excluding] for posting comments.

Then, on June 23, a new function to display "Points to note when posting comments" was implemented. This function alerts you when you tap on the comment input form about the comment posting. If you agree, you will be able to enter comments. The viewing device is said to be applicable to all smartphones, tablets and PCs [PC will be implemented at a later date].

However, it is said that this alert is displayed only once for each user. For that reason, the company said, "It was a one-time display based on the judgment that it is not good to reduce the convenience of users who are genuinely enjoying comments. Instead, we will strengthen the system measures. Therefore, in some romance reality shows, the filtering word is adjusted every broadcast time according to the broadcast timing and time."

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