About the horrifying nature of kiri "cheese cream roll cake" whiter than snow

One day in May when the wind blows through. I met a very beautiful candy. A whiter cream that looks out from a white sponge. The ephemeral pure white roll cake was silently sitting in the ministop sweets corner.

Isn't it whiter than snow? Maybe I noticed the line of sight of me [Nakazawa]. I thought that the roll cake smiled with a smile, and it jumped into my hand. I didn't know at this time.The horrifying nature of this roll cake..

・ Kiri

When I heard the name, the roll cake replied "kiri" in a small voice. Speaking of kiri, is that the classic French cream cheese brand? ‥But why is such a girl in such a place??

When I looked up the features, her name was exactly “kiri, cheese cream roll cake, montaire”. It is a half of France and Japan, and it seems to be sold nationwide from May 1 to June 30, 2020.

・ Immoral sweetness

If you take it home for 390 yen including tax and peel off the lid,The white sponge is exposed.. A sponge that reflects the sun and shines like a dress that flutters in the wind. And the fine cheese cream wrapped in the sponge. It's beautiful … it was the limit of patience.

The texture of the sponge is soft and fluffy. And, from the smooth cream, an immoral sweetness spreads on the tongue. This is the first roll cake I can make!


She gently accepts me who is selfish. When I ate one slice and approached the second slice, it came from the delicate cheese cream that she was also working hard.Adorable……!

I was already full of breasts with two slices, but the desire accelerated to her attitude.not enough! Not enough yet !!Results of eating as the heart shouted ……

Chest discoloration!!

A thick kiri cheese cream roll cake that's just free. The weight after eating 4 slices was also heavy. Nevertheless, the taste that breaks the reason to stop on the way. It may be called a magical roll cake. Scary and scary.

Report:Seiji Nakazawa

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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