“Acceptance of foreign nationals is a good thing”the world average 72%, Japan 65% top China 89%

4 on the immigration law amendments there are in Japan authentic accepting foreign workers began. Already in Japan, the labor shortage of the serious background as retail, food and beverage, and construction,such as the manufacture mainly on a lot of foreign workers have jobs. The immigration law amendments in the future. accepting foreign workers is the increasing acceleration of all would be the.

10 at the end of the global human resources services of the stud・N・Villa is the World 34 countries and regions was carried out with workers awareness concerning the global survey results were published.

According to reports,to make up for labor shortages employers are”accepting foreigners is a good thing”and the answer is the world average is 63. 6% in Japan, 55. 6%, and in Japan, the world average compared to a low of 6 percent of the near those on acceptance of foreign nationals into a positive. Countries and regions of India 87. 4% is the highest, then China’s 84. 0 percent.

Also, domestic workers”skills and knowledge is insufficient if the employer is accepting foreigners is a good thing,”replied the person, the proportion of the world average is 71. 7%in the Japan is 64. 9%, simply labor shortages due to skill rather than lack of reasons and in case foreign workers the acceptance of a more positive and those who appreciate. Countries and regions found that China is 89. 1%of the people in India 86. 2 percent.

“The various backgrounds colleagues want to work”and answer the WHO, the proportion of the world average is 79. 4%, while Japan is 44%of the world’s lowest was. Countries and regions of India 95. 2%is the most high, one in Mexico, 94. 3%, China 93. 1%of the order has become. Argentina 92. 1%, Turkey 92. 1%, Malaysia 91. 1%, Chile 90. 9%including the top 7 in the country, more than 90 percent. On the other hand, a 50% cut of the lowest of Japan 44. 0%and the Czech 46. 9%of the 2 countries only average and significantly lowered.

“Overseas you have to work in and where from”questions with respect to the global overall, 1st USA, 2nd Germany, 3rd place Australia, with the result of the. In Japan, the employment desired is too high in Hong Kong is 1st, Singapore 2nd, and Malaysia in 3rd place as the Japanese have. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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