Accord became the first 3 number body. The special prize is Supra! | 80 Japan Car of the Year that can be talked about right now 14th COTY Award Car Accord

1993 was a turbulent year. In the world of politics, the 1955 system led by the LDP has collapsed, and the non-LDP Hosokawa Gohi Cabinet has been established. Moreover, even more big news came in January. Akebono was promoted to Yokozuna for the first time as a foreign wrestler, and immediately after that, the marriage of His Highness the Crown Prince and Masako Owada was announced.

As for automobile-related news, the Nagano Expressway and Rainbow Bridge were opened. In the world of racing, Alan Prost, who drives Williams Renault, has returned to F1 championship and Nigel Mansell has also become a CART series champion.

New cars are also crowded. In January, Nissan Laurel made a model change. It became the number 3 frame, and it had a wide body with a personality. The mini car Today has also been reborn as a unique 2-door sedan. In late May, Integra, with its unique round shape and four headlamps, takes off its veil. Shortly thereafter, Nissan announced a premium-oriented minivan, Largo.

However, it was a model change of Supra that made car lovers who are particular about driving crazy. Supra, which has the A80 model, is a high-quality specialty sport that draws on the flow of the Celica and big brother Celica XX in the FR era. A 6-cylinder engine is combined with a long nose & short deck coupe body. Targeting the North American market as the main target, the 80-series Supra has adopted a wide body, and has been reborn from its wedge shape to a muscular macho body.

The A80 Supra is a specialty sports car equipped with an in-line 6-cylinder 3L twin cam + twin turbo engine. Boasting overwhelming power performance and outstanding handling, it won a special prize.

The mechanism attracted more attention than the stylish form. The platform was based on the state-of-the-art Soarer. Moreover, the 4-wheel double wishbone suspension has the same format as the Soarer, but the rear is designed exclusively. The engine is set only for in-line 6 cylinders. It is a 3L 2JZ type DOHC engine with a naturally aspirated NA engine and twin turbo. The transmission will also be a Getrag 6-speed MT and 5-speed AT. The brake also used a large diameter disc.

▽ The second half of 1993 has been boiling in a new car rush. Since the 30th motor show will be held in October this year, manufacturers are aggressively introducing new models from the opening of the tray in August.

Nissan has made a model change to the skyline. The previous R32 Skyline was a big hit, and the GT-R is a hot topic. The successor to this was the 9th generation R33 series. Like the Laurel, it had a wide body, and the engine was a 2.5-liter in-line 6-cylinder engine. By the way, at this time, only the standard car is a new model. In addition, Mazda also sent Lantis, a new-sense family car.

Accord also underwent a model change in early September. Accord, who has been supporting Honda's stalls along with Civic, entrusted the baton to the fifth generation. The aim was a family car with high qualities as a world-class international product. The body has grown a little, considering the North American market, which is the center of sales. This is the first 3 number body for the Accord.

The reason why we got out of the small car frame was to acquire the world's most advanced collision safety performance. In addition to head-on collisions, we also took measures to offset collisions ahead of the times. The low nose and high deck are dynamically shaped, and the side shoulders are inflated to create a wide stance and a stable form. First of all, a 4-door sedan was announced, and in the beginning of 1994, a 2-door coupe and a fancy station wagon were added to the group.

The engine is a 2.2L in-line 4-cylinder SOHC / VTEC with the model "F22B". The suspension has four independent double wishbone suspensions. By the way, in October, we introduced Japan-only models, Ascot and Lafaga, which were housed in a small car frame, in order to fill the hole in the larger Accord.

2 days after the announcement of the Accord, the brand new Wagon R made a vivid debut. Suzuki's eagerness to take a minivan approach to make it taller and taller in order to create a spacious and comfortable cabin with a limited body size. The base is the light sedan Servo mode. It is an upright height wagon and has a good view and is easy to drive. The rear seats are also open. The door was unique, with one driver side and two passenger side doors.

The Wagon R, which is now wearing the height wagon form, which has become a standard form for light vehicles. A unique design with one door on the driver's side and two doors on the passenger's side also became a hot topic. After that, a turbo engine-equipped model and a 4-speed AT model were added, and it became a big hit.

According to this, Mitsubishi Minica touches the baton in the 8th generation. In October, Eunos 800, which has the world's first Miller cycle engine, unveiled. The Legacy, whose main focus is full-time 4WD, is also making a model change. The FR Sport Coupe Sylvia has also been redesigned and has evolved into a 3 number car. The Tokyo Motor Show held immediately after this had many highlights.

And of these, Honda's Accord won the title of 93-94 Japan Car of the Year. Equipped with safety features that are ahead of the times, the packaging also feels new. Not only the front seats but also the rear seats are spacious and comfortable. It was praised not only for its high quality as a family car, but also for its excellent running ability.

Also, the special prize was a big battle. It became a fight between Supra and Wagon R, and I was thrilled at the vote of Ikki Ichiyu. Finally, Toyota's Supra won the special prize by one vote. The excellence of running and driving was highly evaluated by the selection committee.

It became the 5th generation, and finally it was reborn as a body dedicated to the 3rd number, exceeding the 5th number frame. The aim is not only the size feeling of a world-class sedan, but also the world-class collision safety performance. The expansion of the body was made in consideration of the North American market, which was already the center of sales. Wide & low, low nose & high deck styling reminds you of a sporty sedan.

The main engine is a 2.2-liter in-line 4-cylinder SOHC. Despite being a single cam, it has 4 valves per cylinder. In order to achieve both high output and practicality, VTEC with a variable valve timing lift mechanism is equipped, but this is different from the DOHC model aiming for high rotation and high output.
While SOHC, a plug is placed in the center of the combustion chamber. The rocker arm is avoided by tilting the plug.

An indoor space that combines the comfort and sportiness of a sedan.
In terms of safety, all models have an SRS airbag system for the driver's seat and passenger's seat as an option in the interior.

Published: Hachimaru Hero February 2014 issue vol.24 [All content in this article is as at the time of publication]
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