Achieved a maximum speed of 403 km / 30 times │ The fastest McLaren ever sold out even if it exceeded 200 million yen

The Hyper Gran Turismo McLaren SpeedTail prototype "XP2", which is under development by McLaren, has recorded 250 mph [403 km / h] more than 30 times in high-speed verification tests. Thus, the traveling test in the development stage ends. This was achieved by McLaren's Chief Test Driver, Kenny Black.

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Development tests have been conducted around the world, including Spain and Germany, to create the fastest model in McLaren history, but this time on the Space Shuttle landing runway at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA.

“ The Speedtail is a truly extraordinary car that symbolizes McLaren's pioneering spirit, and embodies McLaren's determination to continue to set new standards in supercar and hypercar performance. '' Comment from McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Frewitt.
Well, what kind of car is that speed tail? The Speed ​​Tail, announced in October 2018, is a Hyper GT that is being developed as a road car with performance that surpasses the legendary McLaren F1 McLaren F1. It has a streamlined, seamless body line, a total length of 5.2m and carbon fiber. Of course, weight reduction has been pursued, and the use of carbon ceramic brakes has reduced the dry weight to 1430 kg.

The powertrain is a hybrid of a 4.0-liter V8 twin turbo gasoline engine and an electric motor. Its maximum output is 1070p and maximum torque is 1150Nm. It achieves 0-300km / h acceleration in 12.8 seconds and boasts a top speed of 403km / h. In addition, the power density of the battery pack is 5.2 kW / kg, making it the best power-to-weight ratio for high-voltage automotive battery systems. No plug-in is installed because the battery is always charged while driving.

The vehicle price is £ 1.75 million and the Japanese yen is about 250 million yen, but the actual price will be higher as every customer is expected to add their own options. However, it is said that 106 units worldwide have already been sold out. Production will begin shortly at the McLaren Production Center in Walking, England, with delivery starting in February 2020.

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