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Action cam “ Insta360 ONE R '' that can be used by replacing the camera part

Insta360 Japan announced on January 7 the "Insta360 ONE R", a modular action cam that allows the camera section to be freely removed. A camera module equipped with a 1-inch large sensor and 360-degree camera is prepared, and can be used for various shootings by changing the camera module according to the scene. The main unit is waterproof and supports underwater shooting up to 5m without putting it in a waterproof case.

  • The modular action cam “Insta360 ONE R” that allows you to freely change the camera section and shoot images has appeared. You can also notice that it is waterproof only with the main body [/ embed]

A video summarizing the features and functions of Insta360 ONE R. You can see that it has various functions

The price is 59,400 yen including tax for the "twin version" that includes the 360 ​​degree module and 4K wide-angle module, 68,200 yen including tax for the "1 inch version" that includes the 1-inch wide-angle module, and "4K version" that includes the 4K wide-angle module 39,600 yen including tax. The release date is undecided. The schedule for single sale of the camera module has not yet been decided, but it will be considered together with the addition of a new module.

  • In this way, the camera module, main unit and battery can be separated by hand and used in any combination

  • The camera module. You can see the terminals at the connection

  • Main unit with touch panel LCD and microSD card slot

  • The bottom is the battery. Large capacity type is also available as an option

The 360-degree module is a module that can shoot 360-degree photos and videos with two lenses. Even if you take a picture with the selfie stick attached, the process to make the selfie stick invisible is applied. It also supports bullet time shooting like a matrix. The brightness of the lens is F2.0 and the focal length in 35mm format is equivalent to 7.2mm.

  • A 360-degree module equipped with two lenses before and after

The 4K wide-angle module is the most orthodox module. In addition to supporting 4K / 60fps video shooting, it also supports self-shooting with the camera turned upside down. The brightness of the lens is f / 2.8 and the focal length in 35mm format is equivalent to 16.4mm.

  • With an orthodox 4K wide-angle module. The lens and screen can be oriented in the same direction

The 1-inch wide-angle module is a high-resolution module jointly developed with Leica. Equipped with a 1-inch sensor, it can shoot 5.3K-quality video and 19-megapixel photos. The brightness of the lens is f / 3.2 and the focal length in 35mm format is equivalent to 14.4mm.

  • 1-inch wide-angle module jointly developed with Leica. It is equipped with a large 1-inch sensor as an action cam. Leica letters are dazzling

  • You can see the back of the module is slightly raised

  • The 1-inch wide-angle module may have a large sensor, so the depth will be this much longer

  • Extensively singing about co-development with Leica

The main unit is equipped with a touch panel LCD, so you can shoot while watching live view. Equipped with USB Type-C terminal on the side. If you store the main unit in the attached frame, you can attach a mount that is familiar with GoPro.

  • Exclusive frame is attached as standard

  • Can be attached to various mounters for GoPro

In addition to powerful electronic image stabilization during movie shooting, it has a variety of functions, such as an automatic subject tracking function using AI technology, an automatic editing function, and a stop motion movie shooting function that allows a person to slide. You.

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