Actress Ryo “I was happy”

Actress Ryo [46] will co-star at the NHK in Shibuya, Tokyo on the 16th BS Premium “Kuroiso-BLACK LIZARD” [29 pm broadcast on the 29th]. Attend Mei Nakamura.

Draws a confrontation between Kaito Kuro, who plays Ryo and Akechi Kogoro, who plays Nagayama in love.

“I wanted to do the action for a long time. I've been training for years. I was doing core training and kickboxing. Finally I was able to show it. I did wire action this time, and I was glad to do what I wanted to do, "he said.

Nagayama shows off magic tricks during the play. “I did magic for the first time in my life. I practiced playing cards at home, but it was the first time I had played them.”

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