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Adapt to Jebe! Four new spring / summer colors appear on the media's skin shine!

Get ahead of spring from your lips!

A media that achieves glossy beautiful coloring"Bright Apple Rouge"New spring / summer colors will appear! It is said that anyone can see the colors as they are seen and corrects vertical wrinkles and dullness that are annoying as they age, making the entire face look brighter. I tried the rich finish of skin lip!

Recommended for people around the age of 40 who have reached the "lip turn"! Rouge that gives you a confident finish

Kanebo CosmeticsMakeup brand,mediaof"Bright Apple Rouge" (4 new colors, 1,100 yen excluding tax, on sale February 1, 2020)New spring and summer colors will appear.

The lip color is characterized by covering the worries of adult lips, vertical wrinkles, dullness, and blurred contours in the late 30s and early 40s. It is said that the rich color development and rich luster as seen even in a single color will give you a confident finish.

Check the color with your arm …

You can see that the colors are all high and the gloss is beautiful.

The "Yellow-based skin shines" lineup makes it easier to shine on skin that has begun to notice yellowishness.

In addition, I am glad that the red color that is hard to stick out of the lips and the contours are clearly shown with a prescription that makes the lip line easy to write.

Recently, as a reporter who was worried that even if he painted the same color as before, he couldn't look beautiful, his expectation would be for a rouge full of charm!

Face is bright brightly! Lips that do not need lip balm and have no visible defects

This time, let's try the new spring color "PK-04" as the main color.

Usually, lip balm is a must-have for reporters who do not apply rouge directly, but have no feeling of dryness and a pleasant touch.

The lips were glossy and beautiful with no imperfections.

Often it was not the color I thought I would put on my lips, and I was worried if the pink color would look good, but the spring color shined on my skin and the whole face became brighter!

I'm happy to color the lips of adults whose colors match your favorite colors gorgeously.

Each of the other three colors is a bright color like spring.

The “RS-05” has a gentle nude color with an adult-like nude color. "RD-04" is red-colored and fascinatingly feminine. "OR-02" looks bright orange for everyday use.

Released on February 1! A spring rouge that gorgeously colors adult lips

The media, Bright Apple Rouge, gives you the color you see as you look at it, so if you feel that it is no longer beautiful if you apply the same color as before, please give it a try.

The new four colors will be released on February 1, 2020 at drugstores and other stores.

I am glad that it is easy to buy at drug stores even though it is of high quality.

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