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Added anti-phishing function to Android message app. To badge display on SMS from certified companies

SMS used for notification of code numbers in two-factor authentication and notification / contact from companies. While it is convenient to send with just a phone number, it is often used for phishing scams. The sender only displays the phone number, and depending on the service, a random number may be sent each time, and there are some cases where it is difficult to determine the authenticity of the message.

To solve this, Google announced the introduction of authenticated SMS in the Android messaging app.

This means that if an SMS is sent from a company that has been authenticated by Google in advance, a company logo or a certified badge will be displayed on the message app. At the very least, if you see this, you know immediately that it is not a phishing email.

In some countries, RCS is available for messages, but authenticated SMS will also work on RCS.

Certified SMS is not available in all countries. First, it will be introduced in nine countries: the United States, India, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Philippines, Spain, and Canada. It's a schedule.

In addition, we have announced that SMS spam detection will be expanded to the United States. This, like Gmail, will alert you if a message is suspected of being spam. In some countries it has been available for some time.

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