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Added Batorova mode to Forza Horizon 4. Race battle to narrow the map with 72 cars-Engadget Japan version

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Although the format remains the same as the trendy Batorova, Forza is an open world car racing simulation, so the battle between players is settled in the race instead of shooting and destroying the body (Bumping is also a tactic during the race but).

When encountering another driver, a head-to-head mini-race battle occurs on the map. If you win, you can choose to switch to the car that the dropped driver was in or upgrade your car.

In addition, it is the same as a general Batorois that a high-performance car drops on a landmark on the map, and players who flock for a transfer are competing.

While avoiding battles is an option, but it is also the Batorois equation itself that is detrimental to players who have won the race and upgraded their cars.

In addition, in FPS battle royal games such as PUBG, the map is getting narrower and it is promised that close battle will occur with the players who survived to the end.

In the case of Forza Horizon 4 eliminator, the circle is getting narrower and narrower, but when it gets narrower to the final stage, it seems like a race game to move to the final race where the surviving players cross the map.

According to Microsoft, the eliminator mode is set to complete one game in a maximum of 15 minutes even if it survives to the end.

There seems to be the pleasures unique to Batorois by car racing, such as knowledge of complicated terrain and shortcuts unique to the open world, grasping characteristics by vehicle type and switching tactics.

The Forza Horizon 4 eliminator mode will be available to all players as a free update starting December 12. Play on Xbox One or Windows 10 PC.

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