Addicted to “#Hachiruma” … Scarlet Shinpei Matsushita's real face

Actor Shinpei Matsushita [32], who was selected for the role of Soyoda Hachiro in the NHK TV series “Scarlet” [Monday to Saturday at 8:00 am], responded to interviews of the media, and signs of social phenomena “# Hachiro-Numa” and other popular soaring shows, “I must do my best so that the people who support me can continue to support me without changing,” renewed my determination.

Hachiro who has a great influence on ceramics and life of heroine Kimiko that Toda Erika [31] is drunk. Matsushita's performance with all the spirits has received a great response, and Twitter has generated a hashtag “# Hachiro-Numa” using “swamp”, meaning that it is completely addicted to the charm and hobbies of the person. Fans murmur the charm every day.

“It ’s too terrible…! I ’m addicted to Hachironuma. I ca n’t go up to the ground anymore.” “Mr. Matsushita's play, I love it. From the beginning, I feel it every day. “It ’s very raw, the body temperature is bleed, and it ’s all in my heart.”

After the event held in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, which is the stage of the drama on the 14th, many fans of “Hachiro Marsh” waited. “It ’s embarrassing to see you off like that,” she smiles. The biggest in life? “I think I have to do my best so that the people who support me can continue to support me without changing,” he said.

Asahi Dora audition has been challenged three times so far, but has been lost in the document review. I have never been to the stage above the first screening. “What am I missing? What should I do to appear in the morning drama…”. I repeated my own questions.

The walls were high and it was not smooth sailing. In 2008, he started live performance as a painting singer / songwriter who sang his own song while painting, making a major debut in November of the same year. “At first, the music wasn't selling at all, and there were four or five customers live.” When he was 22 years old, he performed for the first time in the musical “GLORY DAYS”. "There is such a fun thing." Admired by the charm of theater, he stopped music activities and concentrated on acting.

There were times when the positive feelings as an actor seemed to break. As the audition for Dora in the morning continued, “I had a lot of moments when I thought I might not be suitable for this job.”

During the Scarlet play, there is a scene where the young president of Marukuma Ceramics makes no use of the work that Hachiro made for his exhibition at the Ceramic Art Exhibition. Matsushita overlapped this scene with the feelings of an actor at the time and explained:

“Evaluating people and knowing their values. If you reject a work, you will feel the same as if you rejected yourself. You will understand that feeling well. I'm blaming myself for not being able to do it, but as I do it, my mind is sharpened and I go in the negative direction. I have the experience I thought. ''

It was the people around that helped Matsushita, whose heart was broken. He said that he put his heart into support for new stage work.

I have noticed it while I was doing my career as an actor on the stage. I also decided to audition for Dora in the morning.

"Pass, there is no such method, there is no answer. Try it many times and simply do a play that you are convinced. That's it. I thought so. You don't have to show yourself well or dress up, seriously If you are faced with a play, you will get results someday. "

Scarlet audition was mysterious and faced with no hesitation.

“I did not do anything extra, I tried to read purely the dialogue. If it led to Hachiro, what I had done for 10 years was not wrong.”

In 2006, he was awarded the New Artist Award in the Theater Division of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and in February this year at the “26th Yomiuri Drama Awards” for his performance at the stage “Mother and Living” and the musical “Thrill Me”. Won the Excellent Actor Award and the Haruko Sugimura Award for newcomers who made remarkable achievements.

My mother was most pleased with the appearance of Dora in the morning. In the pottery scene, there is a scene where Hachiro's thin and delicate fingers are projected. In “# Hachironuma”, there are not only acting but also murmurs that praise hands. “It's often said that 'You have a long finger'. My mother and brother are exactly the same. I'm trying to apply hand cream recently because you praise your hands.” He smiled at the creative sensibility that "everything I got from my mother".

The music activity was suspended due to the actor's dedication, but he performed live once a year. The last two years have not been held. “Through Scarlet, I want to think about the feelings I have gained and the people I have met, and keep this in shape. As one of those tools, I have music. I want to sing a meeting with you.” There are many thoughts I want to convey. I vowed to resume live next year.

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