Adult diapers market competition

According to the Yano Research Institute,during summarization of the 2019 of”adult diapers market”, 792 billion yen is expected to. And”the market is booming. The future of active senior of the potential demand for digging for the purpose,wearing more underwear near product launch or a long・term, high absorption and improved functionality will continue, the market will be further expanded to”and.

【Here】Unicharm,symbiosis society’s efforts to realize the Sustainable Growth Challenge

Our Year 1 as at the point of”adult diapers”sales of goods ranking, to see the”Daido Paper Corporation [1st place・5th place・6th place・7th place・12th place・15th place tie No. 20 tie]”the”White Cross[2nd place・3rd place・12th place・20 place]””new[4th place・11 out・14 out・15 top Thailand・top 20, Thailand]”,”Kao[No. 7・No. 20 tie]” Such a major would be considered.

Currently, the paper diapers of the Wear experience is not. But,”I used to”think products emerged.

I have spinal stenosis suffering from since regularly familiar with your orthopedic surgeon to visit the status report and receive guidance about. The current situation, and seven months will be long enough for recovery,I do like this conversation was.

“Teacher,recently walked in the prior, there are many opportunities. This may. The lower body of unabated so”. The doctor said,”it would be, the biggest factor is the ABS unabated by”and,”in the morning,the futon out and you old easily get up to?” And heard.

Indeed, easy to get up in…… Both hands support the body, while the”Good me”is multiplied by the voice and the duvet out of that. The doctor said,”it is, ABS is failing, what more of a testimony. ABS is worn out from the walk, the previous to to to. Missus on her knees to keep from abdominal exercises and I was to scared.”and 託宣.

It’s not repeatable if you have a few days of this. Unicharm is”is only the trunk that support the world’s first technology for Adult Diapers has been developed. 2 at the beginning of the month that will be launched”announced.

3 years from Kobe city of Hyogo medical large and developed”walk pants”this is what the products do. “Aging in the abdominal muscles weaken and the body’s center of gravity before, walking on feel. Around the special sheet is abdominal pressure increase the pelvis to stabilize the crotch of elasticity also increased. As a result, raise the foot and the Stride is wide, can gait function improvement effect was confirmed”with this.

Doctors talk and think together, and the tentacles that you have to remember is the fact that. The”diaper”of 3 characters in the Resistance will remain. “The doctor to visit,consult for example”the status quo. But what to wear and about any obviously is not. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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