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Fluffy fabric is attractiveLawson"Tiramisu" has been added to the sweets "Raw Busse"! ‥
The combination of bittersweet coffee jelly and rich cream is just tiramisu. It is finished in adult sweets that can not be beaten by the name.

Affordable size and calories

I found a new product "Raw Busse (Tiramisu)" at the Lawson sweets corner and immediately purchased it.

It's an affordable size that you can hold in your hand. The calories are 170kcal per piece and about 6 slices of bread are reasonable.

The size around the lid is smaller than the hamburger. Be careful not to get the cocoa powder on your hands when you take it out of the bag.

A large cut coffee jelly is in sight.

The jelly does not seem to be evenly mixed with the cream.
You can see the happy gradation of mascarpone cheese mixed with chocolate.

Bitter coffee jelly with rich cream

The fluffy dough is easy to eat, and people who say "I don't like sweets that are heavy on my stomach" may be delicious.
The cream inside has a good scent like liqueur.
How do you get this flavor when alcohol is not included in the ingredients? I am very interested…
It has an exquisite taste and size that makes you want to eat another.

Good product that is regrettable to finish eating

Before I ate it, I was worried that the coffee jelly was uneven, but I dared to make it uneven.
・Parts where coffee is strongly felt
・A part where you can enjoy the rich flavor of mascarpone cheese
・Taste mixed with chocolate
You can enjoy various tastes.
My personal recommendation is coffee jelly.
The bittersweet taste of an adult made me feel wasteful to finish.

This time, we introduced "Raw Busse (Tiramisu)" that has been sold at Lawson since June 30.
The bitterness of coffee jelly, fluffy dough, and rich cream are attractive.
It's also a nice size to have a bite between your desk work.
How about tomorrow's 3:00 sweets? ‥

Store: Lawson (excluding Okinawa area)
Menu: Raw Busse (Tiramisu)
Price: 200 yen (tax included)
Official site:Raw Busse (Tiramisu) (Lawson)

(Sentence/photograph ☆ Takahashi ☆)
(Edit: Karko)

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