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AEON launches “ Everywhere cash register Regigo '' to scan and check products with smartphones from March-Engadget Japan version

Aeon Retail Co., Ltd. announced on February 26 that it will fully roll out the “Everywhere Cash Register Regigo” from March. It is scheduled to be rolled out to about 20 stores during FY2020, centering on Aeon and Aeon Style in Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa.

"Everywhere cash register cash register" is a mechanism where visitors to a store scan the barcode of a product with a dedicated smartphone for rent and make a payment at a dedicated cash register.

As a usage method, pick up a dedicated smartphone near the store entrance. When using a cart, set it on the smartphone holder.

At the time of shopping, scan the barcode of the product to be purchased with the dedicated smartphone camera. For products without a barcode, you can scan the POP barcode or select the product using the touch panel on the screen.

After pressing "Pay" in the smartphone, you can transfer the data by reading the 2D barcode on the dedicated cash register. Payment can be made by cash, electronic money "WAON", credit card.

AEON Retail will add the recommendation function to propose menus for customers who are shopping and offer information on bargain products, thereby improving the convenience of “Everywhere Cash Register Regigo”.


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