Aero parts are used in the "Karashi 4 Number Van" to express the extreme driving performance of the entire body! | Daihatsu Mira Turbo TR-XX EFI Vol.2

Initially, Mira Turbo, which was equipped with a turbine and an air-cooled intercooler in a single cam + 1 cab specification, added TR-XX with aero parts, water cooled the turbine in August 1987, added EFI specification in October 1988, 1988 In March, the EFI engine will be changed from the EB25 type to the EB26 type and will be developed to 64 km.

This flow was not something that happened solely by Mira, but of course we worked hard as the evolution of rival cars such as Alto and Rex evolved. After that, the era changed from Heisei, and the standard for mini vehicles was changed, and the engine displacement was expanded from 550 to 660. In addition, the maximum output battle is a series of 64 mm models, and voluntary restrictions have occurred between manufacturers. The number of high-performance light vehicles sold decreased, and the number naturally decreased.

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The engine body consists of a high-compression piston, port polishing, a lightweight flywheel, and a reinforced clutch built in NER. The GT Toda original turbine, exhaust manifold processing, HKS reinforced actuator, etc. were set in the Powerhouse DTM.

The air cleaner has also been changed, but each accessory will be placed in the same position as the genuine one.

The wings installed on the rear hatch gate are made by Takeda. Designed with an upward angle so as not to block the rear view.

The rear tray is replaced with that of Carrozzeria. Previously, I put more effort into acoustics than equipping the trunk with a woofer.

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