Aerodynamics mounted on the 911 commercial car from the legendary machine 917 produced by Porsche

In 1969, with the introduction of the Porsche {917}, a new era of aerodynamics began. The Porsche 917 equipped with a horizontally opposed 12-cylinder engine has a stretchable long tail type that optimizes air resistance by focusing on high-speed stability in a straight, and a short tail type that emphasizes downforce on a circuit with many corners. Was prepared.

Both types have a variable flap linked to the suspension at the rear end of the rear cowl. When approaching, the flap opens from the inside of the rear wheel to increase wheel load and improve running stability. This simple yet revolutionary system is the first step towards the age of active aerodynamics.

And this technology was reflected in commercial vehicles from 911 Carrera [964] which appeared in 1988. When the speed exceeds 80km / h, the system that automatically brings out the electric rear spoiler from the engine hood will be adopted for the first time. This technology has been inherited, and the 911 Turbo has evolved to be equipped with a Porsche Active Aerodynamics System [PAA] and to operate variable front and rear spoilers.

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