After a remarkable 3 points~3 days before the profit of the sale also

*12:44JST after a remarkable 3 points~3 days before the profit of the sale also
10 days after the transactions the following 3 points that you want to focus on.

・The Nikkei Stock Average after 3 consecutive days before profit of sale also
Dollar・yen is sluggish growth, U.S. employment data ahead buying carefully
・Gainers benefit top Fanuc<6954>The 2nd is the East end<8035>

■The Nikkei Stock Average after 3 consecutive days before profit of sale also

The Nikkei Stock Average is negative. 36. 22 appreciation of the yen, 23776. 09 yen [volume approximately 5 billion 7000 million shares]in the early trading of the trading is finished.

9 day US stock market in the Dow on the South Stream gas pipeline project,211 dollar was higher. The NASDAQ Composite Index, the S&P500 index, including the major stock indices have reached record high values updated. U.S. Iran confrontation intensified concerns about recession in addition to China’s Liu 鶴副 The Prime Minister is in the United States,U.S.-China trade talks of Phase 1 of the agreement with the US on the 15th to sign that conveyed this feeling was. The yen is 1 dollar=109 yen by mid-fall, and today the Nikkei average is it taking over 73 yen from the start. Morning temporary 23903. 29 yen [163.42 yen]rose for 3 consecutive days before profit of sales also sluggish still.

The individual is,the day before the announcement of financial results for YASKAWA Electric<6506>Is exceed 3% rise. Only results for the market assessment is separate from the negative to the scene there was. Fanuc<6954>Other FA[factory automation] – related stocks are also bought. 3rd quarter earnings which exceeded market expectations for 7 & iHD<3382>Is a 4% rise. Other trading top Softbank G<9984>Sony<6758>The East end<8035>The most firmly. Medium and small sized stocks in the strong result of the SHIFT<3697>Business with the fast, and the Healthcare Holdings<9265>Every day in high with. On the other hand, 業績下方修正 of the<9983>A 3% decline and a 1 stocks in the Nikkei average to 70 yen to near down for. Toyota itself<7203>And SUMCO<3436>Is Koyasu good. Also, Matsuya<8237>And 乃村 crafts<9716>The Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 subordinates drop rate higher on the face out.

In the sector mechanical, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals such as rate upper. On the other hand, textile products, electric and gas industries in fisheries, agriculture and forestry, such as the rate of decline in the top was. TSE 1 section of gainers is a whole of 4 percent, whereas the decliners stocks is 5 percent and have.

The situation in the East further deterioration of the avoidance and U.S.-China trade talks progress expectations, such as from Rice, the main stock index have the highest value to update. Today’s Nikkei average also fell in early trading on 23900 yen to recover the scene there was. However, early in the buying cycle and out. US employment report announcement ahead of the weekend, taking profit of the sell out and the market expected. 6 Day, 8 day plummeted aspect of the Nikkei Average futures the larger the net buying as the N・process・clearing securities, but 9 days is a short turn, and individual investors Nikkei lever ETF<1570>To profit a sell out as well. 6 days plunge last Wednesday quasi-back, and the partition re’s.

External demand-related and as a pioneer of the attention that YASKAWA Electric, a leading Japanese commercial Bank, today announced its financial results for the evaluation we will give you out by the stock price reaction to have. Later this month sequentially from to be announced 10-12 year on year earnings expectations to a good will. Today Lawson<2651>,Ryohin Keikaku<7453>,Family Christmas<8028>Ion<8267>Such as retail companies earnings will be in the United States, as described above 12 month Employment Statistics announcement there.

■The dollar・yen is sluggish growth, U.S. employment data ahead buying carefully

10 days morning, the Tokyo market dollar・yen 109 yen in the mid-growth trouble. The situation in the East of détente against the background of risk appetite by the flow continues, and the yen selling major currencies, which pushed up. US-China trade talks in an agreement signed against expectations, the yen-sales support factors. However, tonight’s US employment report to assess how aggressive dollar buying restrained of them.

This trading range, the dollar・yen 109 yen 46 Qian from 109 yen 58 sen, the Euro・yen is 121 yen 58 sen from 121 yen 73 sen, the Euro・dollar is 1. 1103 from $ 1. 1109 dollars.

■After the check of the brand name

・New York tech<6734>,The Healthcare Holdings<9265>Including 9 brand name Stop high
※Temporary top high[the property value]includes

・Gainers benefit top Fanuc<6954>The 2nd is the East end<8035>

■Economic indicators・VIP remarks

・October・11 October household survey・consumption expenditure:year-to-year Percent Change 2.0%[expected:-1.8%, 10 January:-5.1%] ・Australian・11 October retail sales:month-to-month+0.9% [forecast:+0.4%, 10 March:+0.4%←0.0%]

-14:00 11 month diffusion indexes・preceding preliminary[expected:90.9,10 November:91.6]

-15:45 Switzerland・12 October unemployment rate [expected:2.5%, 11 March: 2.3%]《HH》

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