After an amateur practiced dubbing every day for 3 weeks, I was asked if I challenged a dubbed voice actor in the movie “Jumanji / Next Level”.

Actually, I'm longing for a voice actor.It was more than a month ago that I began to think seriously that I wanted to manipulate my voice like a professional voice actor and bring life to the characters in the video. Add narrative to selfie videosPost-recording videoWas made silently and kept open to Instagram every day. Then about a week later …

"Would you like to do a voice-over for a movie?"

By chance, there was no more chance than this! *God was watching!It was really nice to continue making videos seriously ~~~ !!!

I thought ──, but the person who brought me this story didn't know about the post-recording video I had been uploading.God did not see.So why did a voice actor talk to an amateur like me?

The answer is …

Because this movie is “Jumanji / Next Level”!

Actually, one year ago, the previous movieIn "Jumanji / Welcome to Jungle". It was a “single-voice voice actor” with a single word, rather than a choi role.

After all,To put it simply, I'm already part of the Jumanji Voice-over voice family,The sequel to Jumanji is “Jumanji / Next Level” which will be released this Friday, December 13, 2019!

The answer of “Do you want to be a voice actor in a movie?” Is “Of course!” After that, “self-shooting video after-recording video”, which continued as a hobby, also became a practice of dubbing movies, two birds with one stone, and continued to upload every day without rest.

And …

About three weeks after the post-recording voluntary training, the real time finally came.It is set up to have you tell me what kind of words are on this dayHowever, for me who have been doing self-training for 3 weeks, any line comes with Don!

…… I thought I was …

After all, it doesn't work out in about 3 weeks of voluntary training. Two lines too simpletaxi"When"Another cup ~~~"It took me 20 minutes to get OK."

However, in fact, there was a secret and response. In particular, the line “Taxi” was so natural that it was a weak “Taxi”.Immediately after recording, the inside of the studio became strange.Also testimony.


Maybe the result of voluntary training has come out!

Maybe I …

It may have grown as a voice actor …!

But it's cool!

"It wasn't growing at all (laughs)"


Minoura, the director of the Japanese dubbed version that should be said to be the general manager of the dubbing, gave me no growth without giving up. That's right … It ’s not that sweet.


"This time was better than last time!"

I got a happy evaluation!

Anyway, the last time it was “the role of a soldier that needed a sense of tension”, but in the first place my voice had no sense of tension, so it was strange.If you asked for a role without a sense of tension, it was perfect!". Result All right! Mede Tashi, Mede Tashi (^ O ^) /

・ The good movie

Later, I watched a dub version of “Jumanji / Next Level” at the preview. Jumanji is interesting after all. I thought from the bottom of my heart that "Jumanji is a good movie".Na is a recreational work for young and oldIs an honest impression.

At the same time, I was surprised by the professional work of the voice-over voice actors. I'm going to be spoilers, so I'll write it out of focus.Especially, it is a story that gives a glimpse of the first time actors of voice actorsIt is. Well, so much … oops, it ’s dangerous.

Compared to that, I'm like a samurai, but I can also listen to the slacking "taxi" and the tensionless "another cup"-Yuzo Kayama and First Summer Wika The voice actor is also a lot of attention, and for those who accidentally read this article,I strongly recommend watching the “Dubbed version”.

People who don't like Western movies aren't subtitles, but this time, look at the dubbed version one more time.

Reference link:Jumanji / Next Level

Report:GO Hatori

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