After tapioca and cheese dog, this will come !? "Evolutionary baby castella" has the potential to take the world down

I don't know what is going on in the world. It wasn't expected a while ago that tapioca and cheese dogs would become very popular. And it may be Kore next.

I met sweets that seemed like that, so please listen to the story.

What is that sweetBaby castella. It may be better to call them sweets rather than sweets. In any case, they discovered a product that could be said to be an "evolutionary" version of Baby Castella that was sold at that fair.

・ Family sweets

When you see it being baked at the store, you can buy a baby castella. I also love the author. However, if you continue to eat, do you think at some point, "Is it moe …"

What is that? maybeTextureI think that is the cause. Baby Castella's fluffy texture is its greatest appeal, but it gradually begins to feel "mosomoso" over time.

What we introduce this time is a product that supplements the weak point of such baby castella.

・ New feeling!

I came here in Shinsaibashi, Osaka IKKI KASUTEIRA A shop called. There is a store in the American village where young people gather, and it looks fashionable from the outside.

And this shop sells baby castella, which is eaten by fondue with fresh cream or chocolate!来 I came to eat this.

This time I was lost in cream or chocolate, this timeFresh cream fondue [500 yen]Choice. Baby castella with a thin makeup of powdered sugar and plenty of whipped cream. Isn't the arrangement also good?

Stab the castella with a fork and dip into cream. Well this wouldn't be bad. And when you try it, it's delicious!

It's not just delicious. Can you remember what you said first? If you keep eating it, it will be mosaic …. The dilemma of Baby Castella has been solved.

By putting a cream that tastes good,I feel tired and never get bored. After that, there were other gourmet interviews ahead, so I weighed myself, but even if I ordered about two more, it seems that I can afford it.

By the way, a pigeon comes when you are eating at Sankaku Park, but I did not give it to a pigeon. Can you do such a delicious mon pigeon?

In a way, it tastes like a baby castella and has a pop feel. It's no exaggeration to say that it has the qualities of a next-generation fashionable food.

Upon investigation, it seems that there are other stores that sell such styles of baby castella. Insta girls, next may be this!

・ Information of shops introduced this time

Store nameIKKI KASUTEIRA Shinsaibashi store
Street address11-7-8 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
time11: 00-21: 00
holidayOpen daily

Reference links:IKKI KASUTEIRA

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