After working in an internet cafe for the first time in a few years, it turned out to be much more comfortable than before! “ Grand customer cafe '' in a completely private room with a key is good!!

Some may have already noticed. In consideration of the effect of the new coronavirus, teleworking is being carried out by this editorial department. Partly because of that, I [Sato] is pretentious about "Nomad workers" who walk across co-working spaces in Tokyo. I've been using 5 or 6 houses so far, but suddenly noticed something.

Isn't the internet cafe bad too?と こ ろ After a long time, I went into an internet cafe where I could use a private room,not bad! Quite good !! ネ ッ ト The Internet cafe in a completely private room is quite good!

・ The old Internet cafe …

Until now, I have walked across co-working spaces, karaoke shops' private rooms, party rooms, and capsule hotel rest areas. All of them are fine to work on, but each has its strengths and weaknesses. I'd like to give you a summary of them. When I decided to use the internet cafe again, I felt a bit of anxiety in my mind.

My personal impression of a long time ago Internet cafe was"Dirty" "Noisy" "Poor [customer] gala"It is. It was not a private room but a desk that was separated by a vertical room, and the sound of the TV in the next room and the snoring of sleeping customers were echoing. Toilets are dirty, customers are full of yakara feelings, and I remember honestly not calm down.Is it still so?た I decided to use it because I was concerned.

・ Complete private room Internet cafe

I visited the Kabukicho store of "Grand Customer Cafe" located behind Shinjuku Kabukicho. This is a slightly gorgeous internet cafe that opened in October 2018, has a Lawson on the first floor [inside the building], is a completely private room with a key, and has a large public bath.

The basic fee for a recliner [open seats] is 90 minutes and costs 610 yen for men and 519 yen for women. Bathing fees are included in this amount. Private room use is 30 minutes and costs 325 yen for men and 232 yen for women. Private room includes bathing fee only when using pack [more than 3 hours].

This time, we decided to use it in a private room for 5 hours [1246 yen]. He said he was going to take a bath, but he didn't feel so much, so this time through.

・ Is it better than coworking space?

By the way, when you enter the room, is it about 2.5 tatami mats wide? It is full of people, but the flat room is large enough to sleep. Above all, since it is a private room, a sense of security can be obtained. With a key, I'm glad I can leave my luggage and leave the room.

The room is equipped with a TV, personal computer [identification is required when using], blanket, and air conditioning. It is several times more comfortable than the old Internet cafe!

The working environment is perfect. Possibly,Might work better than co-working space with open seats. Although there are a few people coming and going, if you are in the room, you will not be bothered as much as you can. The only greed is a drink. You will be given a drink ticket when you enter the store, but this can only be used with vending machines on the first floor. MoreoverOnly one cup.

In general, there is a drink bar in the internet cafe, where you can drink whatever you like, but here is only the first drink. Instead, there's Lawson on the ground floor, so you don't have to go shopping outside the store. That is very helpful.

The temptation to stop working is full of nature due to the nature of an Internet cafe, but a strong willing person will be able to immerse himself in the work without losing the temptation of manga and television. Once again, I realized that the current Internet cafe can be used for work.

・ Information on stores visited this time

Store nameGrand customer cafe Kabukicho store
Street address22-37-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
business hours24hours

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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