AI・IoT in smart factory-related investment of 1 trillion yen fly,30 years to over ¥ 2 trillion in growth

Japan has serious labor shortage in the state of. Latest effective job offers-to-applicants ratio is 1. 57 times more than before the easing trend seen as of yet been keeping its high level. The future is the rapid decline of the working-age population is certain from the labor shortage situation will go worse would be.

Especially the labor shortage is a serious of care・welfare and retail, food and beverage,construction and manufacturing. This field is to improve labor productivity, is desired. Labor productivity increase for the essential of the AI robots, etc. using the work of automated. Japan only, not worldwide this automation of movement is accelerating.

Market research business of Fuji economy smart factories to build the systems and products of the world market of Rome and the Smithsonian Institution’s Consortium for understanding and sustaining a biodiverse planet. Smart factory is a large variety and small quantity,variants of the multivariate production corresponding to the intelligent flexibility of a factory, and the conventional FA system on IT and the hardware, combining IoT data can be stable to maintain production 24 hours a day and Autonomous AGV that actively change the layout is a simple factory for this.

In 2019, the US-China trade friction caused by the influence of the economic slowdown there is a feeling of factory, development of a smart against the user’s awareness is increasing, the market is a year or more of growth potential. The future IoT, and AI technologies are activated, and the market is growing being.

Quality control and predictive maintenance, appearance inspection, such as to take advantage of the”monozukuri for the AI system”of 19 years market size of 700 billion yen,year-on-year 127. 3% is expected,25 years to 2080 billion yen, expanding 18 FY 5. 6 times is expected to reach.

Small lot production of many products corresponding to”robot arm for AGV”, the production line of flexible and manpower to provide them with support for 19 years is 100 billion, a 117.6%growth only. 25-year to 295 billion yen and 18 years compared to 3. 5 times to reach a prediction.

Industry・Industry of the AR, the MR display devices in the”smart glass”, in the domestic market of the highly skilled population is aging in the technology, lore and technology of leveling as a means to realize leverage is being the next further market expansion is expected. 19 years of global market size of 53 billion yen in a prospective,18-year ratio of 123. 3%,25-year to 185 billion yen in 18 years compared to 4. 3 times projected to reach.

In Japan this kind of smart technology have been actively carried out a population decline accompanied by labor shortages to offset the movement as expected. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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