AI dispatch app for taxi sales up reliable taxi 歩合給 of correction is possible

DeNA AI taxi dispatch application services to start. In Japan, the”white-box ban”for sharing and not only taxi company on the side and”AI dispatch application”was soft. Past data based on your timing that is expected,efficiently dispatch, and increase sales can.

【Here】Taxi dispatch application of”canceled”to the problem

From the old days, taxi drivers are”customers”pick up the expertise you need,the way to remember that our wait will depending on the time of day Choose was important. 歩合給 because sales is everything, and labor issues in and there it was.

“AI dispatch application”, use the taxi driver is to make the customer to pick up, but our side of the taxi waiting time can be shortened. In addition, rookie driver but immediately the veteran of the knowhow can be used, the performance difference is not.

It is on the contrary, the driver of the employment problem is considered,the labor shortage of the current problems and that you will not. 歩合給 fundamentally there is a possibility of eliminating it as the”automated driving”and the driver profession would would.

10 years earlier, the allocation is almost automatic not,sharing service is various in the form of start,fuel economy regulations for individuals on 1 of the taxi is not in the share group that have the potential to them. Of OWN IT review this.

Currently, taxis and other commercial vehicles for driving in the 2 species and a license is needed, this is social safety the connotation of Strong was. Private cars for accident hazard and a accident happens who’s to blame for a social problem that. Japan’s”white-box ban”is a”managed Society”of the testimony, China is actively being used, and easily share go all out……

A fully Autonomous vehicle is practical when the number of cars that attempt to reduce and integrated way. For example, a small bus share of, and that’s when the convenience of passengers the AI is instantly determined vehicle allocation system,such as a service that was created to do.

Such technological progress must not delay this legislation but. Self-driving cars and manual driving cars are mixed, the timing of our ride, and research you need. This urgent challenge.

DeNA is the company’s own compliance problems are also eliminated in course of the day. AI by in-house compliance monitoring well development should not wonder. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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