AI is a human rights violation by the Chinese people neglect is under surveillance lead to

“Privacy and money,which will you take?” And said it is not a story but—China’s”people’s rating”system is a national of ethnic origin discrimination on the basis of and Japan and to interpret it as,”China is”racism”is a system of social reference”and can be seen.

【Here】Artificial intelligence by society to usher!? Face recognition technology and human rights abuses

Human society in the ratings to the principle of equality is contrary to the standards at the time of administration and the convenience of a good standard and not an outright”discrimination”Society of. Namely, the Chinese”human rights abuses in the country”have become.

In China the”people’s rating”can be in the background, of course the current regime[the Communist regime]of the absolute power that there is,”democracy”can be mentioned. In addition, the human rights society enacted is by the AI, camera surveillance and massive data processing capacity is technological development that has become the basis.

This is AI also,”murder weapon”was a”dictatorship apparatus”as used and not necessarily the welfare of the people and peace to contribute to is not that. In 2020, a”social credit system”in China is mandating that it is the regime, where each citizen monitors will be able to.

“The neighbors are social broke the rules, they report more.” And,before the war Japan’s”neighborhood associations”, such as national mutual surveillance society and have some of would have. In Japan, 民生委員 and neighborhood associations, is”a lone old man”of the support system in place, but on the other hand, the”personal information protection”is the cry, and”neighborhood associations”as not possible. Before the war,”totalitarianism”, i.e. the freedom of the individual than the interests of the whole to prioritize the ideas are big, I hope.

Efficiency of use inside the privacy of infringement-prone conditions. Therefore my operation, we have the invasion of privacy and violations of human rights would cause,”freedom・equality”to protect the public’s determined attitude is essential.

Card use of convenience, in favor of providing personal information to the system from increasing. For example, in automotive dealerships of the network services system terms and conditions for details and questions please.

Make use of the GPS data to the system, such as the bottom”emergency response”to a parent and have. But big data as the use of time,the individual and the link to cut it to? Also, hackers such as information has been leaked when the actions of individuals to grasp as there is no fear as such, worry is a constant one.

This system of Use and”privacy and money,which will you take?” And your however, problems, not”convenience and expense”to”freedom・equality・human rights”and protect is our top priority. This is democracy, and democracy is the”Do”above. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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