AI War!? And drones were used in Iran・the new commander assassination

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps elite troops”call up troops”of the system・the unit commander is killed. By 2020 1 November 3, Iraq・Baghdad at U.S. military drone missiles from air strikes was assassinated by US.

【Here】“AI weapons to kill humans for it?” The AI”human kill decision,”which would it be?

The assassination with the killing, but based on the information the drone is just a missile attack was. How in the command of the commander such key trends as always, wondering if the battle is high-tech made in that not just would.

However, the final attack is a high-tech chunk of a loan made by the. AI and remote control and look, but this time”the killing of The Last Judgment”man is made to believe. Dignitaries of trends and real-time objectives of position check how from is unknown, but on the ground collaborators can think of is this normal would it?

The new commander, Lebanon is Syria from Baghdad arrived and it was. Iran is supporting paramilitary 2 cars of the motorcade in Baghdad International Airport, out of the way,a plurality of missile receiving killed.

This paramilitary is the parent of Iran Islam Shia militants in the organization of Abu・performance data・real・time hard disk and Deputy commander at the same time killed here. The new commander in Iran for a popular, President-elect candidate said Times that was the presence. Therefore, vowed to avenge Iran is sure to take action that would.

On the other hand, the American・Trump administration”revenge happens”and of course we know that one,”revenge”chain of followed by fear. Large-scale battles in the development of this is also think situation.

Indeed, Iran・the new commander anti-American actions stand at the head of the person as revenge, the chain does not fear the American military and the President’s judgment is correct is impossible to believe. Iran and agreements unilaterally discarded, and the Israel complicit to Trump the President’s behavior is”childish”too, and also seems.

Most deficiencies Treaty, even for nuclear abandonment of talks to not and think not. This assassination by the AI of the practical usage as the most advanced of the”assassination weapon”was shown to be. Regulations to advance discussions on it. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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