Aiba Aiba "After all, it's a full-scale live distribution of the main business"

V6, Arashi, King & Prince appeared on the online live "Johnny's World Happy LIVE with YOU" on the 16th.

The first day of a paid live distribution where many talents from the same office appear. Top batter V6 debuted the new song "It's my life" and Ken Miyake [40] smiled, "I'm happy to show the fans the appearance of the six people." Kinpuri sang the debut song "Cinderella Girl", and Shigeo Hirano [23] called "I want everyone watching to feel energetic, satisfied, and full." Arashi performed a new song "a Day in Our Life: Reborn", etc. with a production utilizing AR [augmented reality]. Masaki Aiba [37] gave a sense of fulfillment to the stage after a long time, saying, "This is what the main business is all about." In addition to the live video, a hand-washing video by the limited-time unit "Twenty★Twenty" was also unveiled for the first time in about 1 hour 30 minutes. The MC was Taichi Kokubun [45].

The live footage was recorded at Yokohama Arena and will be distributed for 16 to 21 days only. A. to appear on 19th B. It was also announced that the collaboration stage between CZ and Kis-My-Ft2 and SixTONES and Snow Man, which will appear on the 21st, will be held.

As part of the "Smile Up! Project," a social contribution activity for the spread of new coronavirus infections, the profits will be used for support activities for medical professionals.

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