Aiho girl wins Beijing Olympics qualification fastest in Japan

Ice Hockey Women's Japan National Team won the right to participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on the 24th.

The League of Nations has announced the latest world rankings that give the top six teams the right to compete, and Japan has maintained a record 6th place. It is the first time for Japanese players to compete in the Beijing Olympics through all competitions in three consecutive games, following the 14th Sochi and 18th Pyeongchang Olympics that passed the final qualifying.

Director Yuji Iizuka commented, "I have less than two years until the Olympics, but I want to challenge the team's level without compromising on the production level."

The world ranking is based on the results of the last four years. It was supposed to be updated taking into account the results of the World Championship from March to April, but it was canceled due to the new coronavirus. The League of Nations has awarded points according to the seed order of the competition to determine the latest rank.

The number of women's participation slots in the Beijing Olympics is two, which is two more than before. The remaining three slots will be contested in the final qualifying, except for the United States, Canada, Finland, Russia, Switzerland, and China, which will be the host country.

Japan, the boy who lost in the third round of the Olympics in February, is ranked 24th in the world. The Olympics were contested by 12 teams, and up to 8th place in the world, including Canada, Russia and Finland, were qualified. [Joint]

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