Aika Shida launches official YouTube channel

Aika Shida has opened the official YouTube channel "Aika Shida / Manaka Shida" on Friday, 21st in collaboration with video creator production MIHA.

Aika Shida was active as a member of the group after passing the first year audition at Keyakizaka46. After finishing his activities as Keyakizaka 46 in November 2018, he acted as a model, and in September of last year he made a surprise appearance at the Tokyo Girls Collection and has become a hot topic.

On the official YouTube channel “Manaka Shida”, Shida's makeup art, fashion information, everyday situations, etc. will be distributed irregularly. In the first video released today, he talks about himself, how he launched his channel, and his future prospects. [Another cut isHereFrom]

コ メ ン ト Comments from Aika Shida
We have just started a YouTube channel. I'm happy because it's easier to tell various things to those who watch the video!チ ャ ン ネ ル I want to make it a channel where people who watch it can enjoy it.

▽ Official YouTube channel “Manaka Shida”

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