Air New Zealand,eat a Cup of coffee test introduction

From the standpoint of ecology for waste reduction is a global slogan that has become. Meanwhile, Air New Zealand,airplane and aviation lounge that offers coffee cups,”eat”a Cup of coffee in the pilot attempts to start with.

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Air New Zealand is offering coffee a number of years, in fact 800 million cups or more. The Cup also returns to the soil properties with eco-friendly is to further the ultimate goal as”the Cup of the landfill do not bring”to make the situation,Air New Zealand is a new attempt began well.

This new Cup, New Zealand twiice[de Weiss]It was developed by vanilla flavor, and the liquid does not leak like structure made. Dessert bowl can be used on some of the strength there is,as of now users from popular and.

Incidentally, Air New Zealand, this eat a Cup of the trial and in parallel, the plant-derived of a Cup of coffee to switch we have to move forward with that. This is eaten as paper and corn, or plant, and commercially available composting is the decomposition possible. Thus, the Year 1,500 million pieces of the Cup of trash is reduced so you can expect that.

At the same time Air New Zealand customer own reusable Cup to the cabin or in the lounge our recommended suppliers.

Or tattoo Weiss company,Eat the tableware business, and we look forward to exploring opportunities in different countries in 2020, also new products to expand the policy.

Air New Zealand representatives, we eat the coffee Cup of the trial to continue, the tattoo Weiss and the other partners are also exploring the long-term sustainable development of products to explore as well. [Article: Fujisawa 文太・The article list to look at]

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