Airbnb and JTB implement empty-handed sightseeing service demonstration project in town

On January 22, Airbnb, in cooperation with JTB, carried out a “ Project to demonstrate a hand-held sightseeing service utilizing ICT in “ Machinaka '' to improve the convenience of foreign visitors to Japan, commissioned by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism I announced that. From the same day to February 29, baggage delivery service for foreign tourists will be implemented at six FamilyMart stores in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

At present, when foreign visitors to Japan use the courier service, there are issues such as incomplete courier slips, lack of understanding of the fee system, contact when the package has not arrived, and the problem of payment only by cash. It is said that foreign visitors to Japan are limited.

In addition, there are also problems such as the inability to designate a delivery service for courier service, and the difficulty of language support at convenience stores, resulting in many foreign tourists carrying luggage such as suitcases themselves. There is congestion in public transport and loss of consumption opportunities.

実 証 In this demonstration experiment, we will provide easy-to-use home delivery services, such as online advance reservation / payment and delivery status e-mail delivery using the Luggage Free Travel [LFT] home delivery service that utilizes ICT.

推進 Promote empty-handed sightseeing by private lodging service users by carrying out same-day delivery to convenience stores from Narita, Haneda, and Kansai airports. At convenience stores, in addition to baggage receipt, the QR code presented by a foreign tourist visiting Japan who has made a reservation for convenient delivery [shipment] using LFT in advance will be simplified, thereby simplifying reception.

This will encourage foreign tourists visiting Japan who have received / shipped baggage at convenience stores to travel around Japan and increase their consumption, as well as conducting MAP to nearby tourist destinations and the nearest tourist information center at some stores to promote hand-held sightseeing. Implement the effect verification by working on it.

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