Akagi Eiji: “Do n’t you know?” Drama first starring “Build” member…

Broadcasting of the serial drama “Don't you know?”, Actor Yoji Akahata, who is also known for the role of the special-effects drama “Masked Rider Build”, is a double starring actress Fumika Baba. However, it is being broadcast in the late night drama frame "Special Drama Zone" of MBS. The drama is a love story depicting the romance of manga artist Aoi Hana and charismatic hairdresser Riichi Kido. Akatsuki, who plays Riichi, is surprised and delighted that this work was the first starring drama, "I didn't expect that to happen when I moved to Tokyo." We asked Akasaki-san about what he shared with Riichi, what he was working on, and his thoughts on the members who shared the scene with Kamen Rider Build.

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