Akari Suda "2 Big Busses of SKE" Kaori Matsumura's Wedding Blessing

SKE48 Akari Suda [28] gave a blessing comment to Nikkan Sports about Kaori Matsumura [30], a former member of SKE48 who announced the marriage to a general man on the 28th.

“Since we have been tortured together with being said to be the two big boobs of SKE48, I'm really happy that I have been able to capture the happiness of a woman I had dreamed of before! I look forward to the next congratulations! Congratulations on your marriage!"

Matsumura is in sync with the 3rd generation. At the time of debut, attention was focused on the double Matsui of Reina Matsui and Jurina Matsui, but in 2013 Suda and Matsumura announced the duet song "Here's One Shot". This song is a song that depicts the efforts of the two unpaid people to be rewarded, and a concert called "Request Hour Setlist Best" that will be announced in a ranking by fan vote for all SKE48 songs of 18 years when Matsumura announced graduation It won the 1st place in "100".

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