AKB48 Group: 42 people dressed in kimono at the first adult ceremony of Reiwa 令 48 NGT…

The AKB48 group's coming-of-age ceremony was held on January 13 at Kanda Myojin [Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo], with AKB48's Maho Omori, HKT48's Hana Matsuoka, and new adult members 42 A person appeared in a kimono. The AKB48 Group's Coming-of-Age ceremony usually announces the name of the "XX generation", but this year, NGT48's Nyo48 Honma representatives announce that it is the "Reiwa departure generation". “ Because this is the first new adult in Reiwa, we have named it the Reiwa departure generation so that we can lead the way in this new era and open ourselves, '' he explained. .

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