Aki Takada's first photo book is “Special Daiginjo” Abs and butt confidence

Aki Takada [28], a model talent, released the first photo book "SHU" [Shueisha] on the 18th, and met in Tokyo.

As entertainment events are being canceled one after another due to the effects of the new coronavirus, Takada, who appeared at a venue where more than 60 hungry news gatherers gathered, said, "Wow, it looks like I did something bad. I was surprised. "

In the first photo book at the age of 28, "I finally got it. I'm 28 now and I'll be 30 next year, but I got it." When the reporter pointed out that the first photo book was too late, she smiled, saying, "It's so rude [laughs]. I thought it would end as it was. Regarding the second installment, he appealed, "As soon as it's sold. Everyone, please buy a present and go home. If there is a second installment, I want to do my best."

The photobook was shot in Brisbane, Australia and in Ebetsu, hometown of Hokkaido. "Brisbane thought her sister had lived in Australia for two years and thought it was amazing to visit once. Ebetsu was a place where she lived for 20 years, so I have a lot of thought. Parents, grandparents, I have a relative. I want to go home, but now I have to work hard. "

The popularity of horse racing programs such as BS11 “BS @ Eleven Horse Racing Broadcasting” and Fuji TV “Minna no KEIBA” and the bright and lively drinks of BS-TBS “Let's drink in town China” are rising. "I usually have a strong image of drinking, but this time I had my body squeezed and shot with a different image. I stopped drinking for a week because of my death because of a photo book. I could not usually do it because of stress I got acne. I was drinking beer on the plane I went to. "

My favorite cut of the photo book is "The guy who put on his jacket and put out his ass. Training on his ass worked best." There are also barely sexy shots such as hand bras, but she recalled, "I took off my swimsuit after entering the pool. I was able to do it happily because I was a trusted staff. I thought I would take off more." Regarding the result of the photo book, "100 points. Speaking of sake, special Daiginjo. Fruity, sweet and refreshing taste. I want women to see it. I am confident in my abs and ass. I am very satisfied." talked.

I drink my favorite sake every day. "About two cans of beer. Recently, I'm stuck in Tantakatan [of perilla shochu], about three glasses. Even drunk doesn't change much." My favorite liquor and horse racing work and it's in great shape. "I want the model to do it too [laughs]. The weekly schedule is drinking location, drinking location, horse racing, and drinking. I am happy to get money for what I like." A handshake meeting was scheduled on the 20th, but was postponed due to the effects of the new coronavirus. Instead, they sang sake after the conference and live-streamed the photo book on YouTube.

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