"Akita no Prince" B1 Ryosuke Shirahama becomes a free negotiator

Basketball B1 Akita Northern Happinets announced on the 14th that Ryosuke Shirahama [28] was announced on the free negotiator list. Shirahama, who was also called "The Prince of Akita" because of his sweet mask, has been particular about its appearance than any other member of the team with the "most aggressive defense in Japan".

Joined by Seahorse Mikawa in 2016 when the B League was established. He was a popular All-Star player twice, playing captain this season in his fourth year at the club and playing 32 games. The league was discontinued due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and the season was finished in 5th place in the eastern region, but the team was encouraged to advance to the goal of reversing the championship.

Takuya Nakayama [25], who won the title of Steel in B2 and B1, was recently announced on the free negotiation list. Both of them have the potential to leave or transfer, including the possibility of losing the team's sign at once. Akita also announced that it has agreed to contract with Hasegawa Nobu [23] next season.

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