Akito Watanabe is 16th, suffers from distance and has 2 digits in 9 consecutive races 戦

Akito Watanabe [Kitano Construction] was 16th. In the first half of the leap [hill size = HS 104 meters], he was sixth in the ranking with 136.3 points of 99.5 meters, but dropped in the second half [10 km] 35 seconds behind the leader.

Binzenz Geiger [Germany] reversed from twelfth place in the first half, taking his second win of the season and his third win in total.

Ryota Yamamoto [Waseda Univ.] Ranked 37th and Hideaki Nagai [Gifu Hino Motors] ranked 38th. Go Yamamoto [Daichi] is disqualified for jumpsuit violation. Yoshito Watanabe [Kitano Construction] abstained from qualifying due to poor physical condition.

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The pace of the leap is getting better, but the challenge of distance is hard to overcome. Akira Watanabe has been in double-digit order for nine consecutive games since the opening.

The first half of the leap, which has been suffering since the beginning of this season, is conscious of movements that lead to high jumps when taking off. "If you only hold it down, it's okay to make a small mistake [other parts] for now," concluded and ranked sixth. However, as for the distance, he looks at his own video and analyzes that he is not technically skiing well. He lost his place from the leap after 10 days, and did not get involved in the fight for higher ranks. [Joint]

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