Alarm sleep prevention function, how many minutes will it ring again?-Why the iPhone can not hear now

Many iPhone users love the alarm function provided by the iOS clock app because of its ease of use. You can quickly call it from the control center and set the alarm you just created by simply turning it on. There is also a convenient function called “bedtime” that automatically sets an alarm when you go to bed, so you can prevent forgetting to set it.

As for the alarm function, there is a double sleep prevention function called "Snooze". If you turn on the "Snooze" switch when creating an alarm, the "Snooze" button will appear with an alarm sound, and you can "postpone" the alarm by tapping it. The same is true if you press the side button or volume button instead of tapping the snooze button.

Procrastination here means to stop the wake-up sound once and then sound again after 9 minutes. For example, if you press the snooze button when the alarm sounds at 6:00 am, the wake-up sound will stop and will sound again 9 minutes after you press the button.

In detail, if you snooze the alarm set at 6 o'clock, note that the alarm will not sound again at 6: 9. It should take a few seconds to several tens of seconds from when the wake-up sound starts to tap the snooze button, because the 9-minute lag is not included.

For example, if you hesitate to tap the snooze button for one minute at the 6 o'clock alarm, the next time the alarm sounds will be at 6:10. The alarm function of the clock app keeps the alarm sounding for 1 minute, and if you do not operate anything, it will be automatically snoozed, so if you continue ignoring the alarm sound, it will be 6 o'clock, 6:10, 6 o'clock It has the same effect as setting an alarm every 20 minutes.

  • Alarm sleep prevention function, how many minutes will it sound again?

    When does the alarm sound sound again?

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